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July 29, 2010

Macbook pro update

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Still not there yet, I need another $600 (or 166600L) to buy it. Assuming the price for the macbook pro I want dosen’t change (though i hear it will go though a hardware change soon), and the value of L$ dosen’t drop again (like it did a couple months ago) so I should still be on track by the end of summer.

My RL birthday is coming up in a few weeks, so I might get a few bucks, but not sure if ill save it towards the laptop if it’s a small amount (or gift cards.. bleah!)

Though I could buy a Mac at BestBuy but I really don’t want the hardless from the sales-douche who barely knows the difference from RAM memory and hard drive storage.  Plus I don’t think ill be able to pick out the options I want, AND the sales tax will probably be MORE  (9% in my city) vs what I’ll pay at the Apple store online.  though I should check to see what they have online at bestbuy and compare.

So if anyone out there would like to donate a few bucks towards my new laptop (since I’m at a desktop now) would REALLY be appreciated!  Just use the PayPal link on the right hand side. Thankies!


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