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June 17, 2010

Emerald Beta & Crazy LindeX

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I’m really happy with the current beta of Emerald 1.3.2 (2100). The previous official version was a CPU hog and I had a hard time multitasking different games/apps at the same time. Now with this 2100 beta, I can run two instances (minimized) of SL with two alts logged in, and play a different game with no lag or frame rate drops at all. Previously everything would lag to hell, and just alt-tabbing between them would chug along so slow and often crash one or both viewers.  Even opening a 3rd instance of Emerald would crap out bad.  This is a nice change.

Oh crap! There’s a new version already out build 2165!  I hope it’s runs as smooth as 2100.
[update: it lags a lot now running two instance of SL and playing another 3D game, grrr!)

Now about LindeX, and the falling value of L$.  Who the hell are these knee jerking panicking douche bags who had posted L$ at 300L/$1? That’s fucking crazy. L$ is a lot like owning stock of Linden Labs, yet they don’t follow the same rules as corporations do in regards to their stock holders. Usually when a company lays off 30% of their work force, the value of their stock goes UP, not down.  Though idealistically that should also happen with corporate stocks when a big conglomerate fucks over their work force. But still, L$ is still selling above 275L/$1 and people keep posting these cheap rates since the layoffs last week.  It really blew up yesterday (Wednesday) when ppl were posting at 300L.

This really sucks for someone like me who’s been saving their L$ on a long term basis to cash out.  The dilemma is if I sell out now I’ll loose a few hundred dollars, if I wait the value of L$ might rise again and go back to normal (or better?) but it can also easily drop in value.  First time in years the value of L$ changed at all.  But it’s a good time to buy L$ now!

[Update] The value of L$ is starting to get better. The rate is still higher than it was a week ago, in the middle-upper 260’s (267 as of this post) but it sure is a far cry from the 285, and 300 rates we saw on Wednesday.


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