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May 29, 2010

New Mouse

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I got a new Logitech Performance Mouse MX. $100 for this sucker too!  It has a similar look to my old (yet 3 months old) MX revolution, but that was a used “refurb” mouse that was too old and could barely keep a charge, and it was falling apart.  I’ll NEVER buy grey/black market shit every again.  If the serial numbers are scratched or blacked out on the label.. it’s black market shit.

My old MX revolution used a recharge cradle, with a non-removable battery which means you couldn’t use it while it recharged.  This new one is the exact opposite. It uses a single AA battery, and comes with a rechargeable one.  To recharge it you simply connect a USB cable to the mouse, and you can still use it while it recharges. So just acts like a normal wired mouse while it’s charging. Also it’s a standard removable AA battery so i can replace it with new rechargeable battery when this one can no longer keep a charge.  Also in a pinch i could replace it with a regular Alkaline AA battery.

It also comes with a wall-wart AC power plug, that gives you a fully powered USB port you can charge the mouse with, or you can plug it into any powered USB port on your PC.  The wireless USB dongle is super tiny, so tiny you can’t call it a dongle anymore.  This is intended for laptop users so it doesn’t stick out over an inch from the side of the laptop, and they can just leave it in there and forget about it. It also can support about 5 logitech wireless devices so you don’t need to use up more USB ports.


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