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May 13, 2010

Fast Boot!

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Wow, so today I accidentally hit the “sleep” button on my keyboard. Which for some reason after waiting about two minutes, slapping random keys to make it wake up, but my PC just rebooted. So then it came up saying my BIOS settings were cleared out (not bricked, just cleared to default).

So I thought… damn! So I went though every little section in my BIOS setup, found a few things that my mobo/bios (Asus P5Q) supports but I don’t use (like it has a RAID controller I don’t use, Express Gate that I don’t even have installed, and so forth) so I disabled them. So now my PC boots in less than 30 seconds from the moment it “beeps” to when I see my login screen.

I don’t have a stop watch, i just counted the seconds in my head, and it was well under 30 seconds, probably quicker if i disabled password logins. And there might be a few extras in BIOS i can tweak. I did notice some sort of delay on the hardrive that was set to something like 45, but changed that to zero.

My current rig consists of:

  • Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 2.5ghz Yorkfield
  • Asus P5Q motherboard (P45/ICH10R)
  • RelTek on-board sound
  • Goldenmars DDR2 2GB (PC2-6400) (x2=4GB)
  • nvidia GeForce 8800 GT w/ 512mb PCIe 16x
  • WD Velociraptor (WD1500HLFS) 150GB SATA (C: boot)
  • Samsung (HD103UJ) 1TB SATA (D:)
  • Sony DVD-RW dual layer PATA (E:)
  • Multi-card Reader USB
  • Antec Basiq 500w PSU
  • Generic beige mid-tower case
  • Samsung 22″ 16:10 widescreen LCD monitor (2253BW) 1680×1050

Now my next PC will likely be a MacBook Pro 15″ that has a i7 2.66Ghz CPU, NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M 512m, 4GB ram, which I will defiantly use BootCamp to dual boot windows 7, and OS X. This PC will be the most powerful PC I’ll have.  In fact this is the most powerful MacBook pro they have right now.  Even the 17″ macbook pro runs only a 2.53ghz i5 CPU, which I find odd.


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