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April 27, 2010

Ideas for the next Emerald

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Here’s a list of wants in the next version of emerald
Of course these ideas should be toggleable, so you can enable or disable.

  • In the “communicate” window, on the groups list; double clicking on a group will activate the group, instead of opening group IM chat.
  • An export function of ALL settings in Emerald for transferring settings from one PC to another, or as a backup when you need to reinstall your OS.  Export functions include:  log files, preference settings, beam patterns, debug settings, Advanced menu settings, viewer AO setting, alt avatar login lists, pre-made build prims,
  • Also the export file should be cross compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux versions of Emerald.
  • A way to manage Log files. A way to browse them, sort them, SEARCH THEM, read them, delete copy and backup. Maybe even merge older log files with other ones from conversations with the same avatar.
  • An automatic animation stop that occurs during teleport (default toggle ON), so noobs aren’t constantly stuck in a sex animation when teleporting from a poseball.
  • Fully detachable window floaters that can be moved OUT SIDE of the viewer window.  This includes IM/local chat windows, inventory, torn-off menu floaters, Edit/build dialog, anything! This would be ideal for dual monitor users, then I can put all my IM/local chat on my 2nd monitor.
  • The ability to mute attached objects with out muting the avatar.
  • An automatic message sent to muted avatars who try to IM you; the message can be changed from whatever is default.
  • Add support for 3D glasses as someone has already done this in another viewer, but is outdated.
  • Radar should highlight avatars on your friend list, as well as mark avatars on your mute list, in some way (colored text or highlights.)
  • When I get a friend request, I’d like to be able to quickly click a button to view their profile on the blue drop down menu before I accept, deny or ignore.
  • Ability to turn a SLURL into a Landmark

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  1. I like the idea of an animation stop while teleporting. I am surprised no one has done that already. I’ve been stuck in sitting positions and (ahem)… other activities after making a quick get-a-way.

    Comment by Steve Rolendis — May 3, 2010 @ 5:10 am

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