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April 19, 2010

Mundane TV on comcast

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We just got these new cable boxes for the TV in the house that don’t have DVRs, that are our old analog TVs. It’s nice they get more channels now, and they can finnally kill off thier analog signals and give us more bandwidth for more internet bandwidth speeds (pr0n) and more channels.  But these little Motorola DTA boxes really don’t offer much useful functionality nor information, when you’re dealing with 250+ channels.

I don’t expect HDTV, and HBO to be on this but for fook’s sakes, at LEAST give us a channel guide grid/list so we can see what’s on. They even did away with that old “TV GUIDE” channel that would slowly scroll a list of all the channels and shows that are on.  So NOW we have to go back 20 years and MANUALLY click though all 250 channels ONE AT A TIME! My thumb is already sore trying to program those little crappy remotes so they work with this old TV, and now I gotta thumb though each channel.

Yeah the remote has an “info” button it just shows you what channel its on; as if you can’t tell with every network showing their network logo “BUG” embossed on the bottom right corner.  No info about the show you’re watching, no way to see what show is going to air next. So, you need to spend $100 a month on a fucking DVR for that luxury, and we already pay more than $200 a month on their “triple play” horse shit. These little things don’t even get the semi-decent channels like G4TV (which is owned by comcast, should be already FREE on basic cable.. but Nooooo!)  Most of the stations that I’ve seen were annoying shopping channels.  Even NBC has their own shopping channel (NBC owned by Comcast!!!)

Honestly, I find better choice getting an OVER THE AIR digital converter box, and picking up local digital broadcasts, even they offer movie channels, which apparently comcast isn’t picking up THOSE channels and piping them into our boxes.  Why they fuck am I paying comcast over $200 for then?

Fortunately, i don’t hardly EVER use these other TVs, so it’s no real loss to me.  The two DVRs we already have give me everything i need. Perhaps the DVRs spoil me, but I’ve seen much better cable service, even with basic cable using little boxes the size of a deck of cards, with way more functionality, than this insipid crap.  Motorola is the epitome of mediocre hardware. They make boring crappy phones too.


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