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April 3, 2010

I need a cable!

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Not to long ago my EEE PC 900 crapped out, the LED displays nothing but a gray screen, but it still boots fine. Turns out when I had taken it apart to fix something else, and put it back together, I some how pinched the internal cable that that connects the LCD panel to the motherboard and made the screen useless.

So, I’ve completely torn apart my little EEE PC 900 and was able to remove the little cable. It’s wrapped in fabric tape, with some really sticky stuff that’s hard to pull off.  The wires in side are thin but have self insulated coat on them (like if it was sprayed on, not a plastic jacket) and looking at the area where it was “pinched” doesn’t SEEM like it’s damaged at all.  Reconnecting it to the motherboard still gives me a gray screen.  I know the video subsystem is fine since i can get a boot/bios screen on an external monitor with it’s VGA cable but once windows boots up it turns it off.  Even keeping the LCD screen disconnected from the mobo, and using the external connector doesn’t make it use the external monitor as it’s default.  It just dosen’t “know” the LCD is bad, or disconnected.

So i think i need to get another one of these little cables.. but I just can’t find one online at all.  I can find other parts, LCD panels, and keyboards but I don’t need them.  I just need this little weird LCD connector cable thats about 8 inches long

So anyone know where i can get one?


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  1. sounds like what you need is the LCD inverter.. check on ebay.. I seen on for you mini laptop just do a ebay search for “Asus EEE PC 900 LCD Inverter Cable”

    Comment by Crowstew — April 4, 2010 @ 10:03 am

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