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February 17, 2010

Stuff I like on the interweb

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These are some websites I check out every day.

One obvious one is I don’t bother with MySpace (canceled it four years ago, to much spam and bullshit), nor Facebook (just don’t wanna bother.)

As a tech geek I follow John C. Dvorak on his blog, as well as the many shows that he produces or participates in.

Being an avid Second Life user, I check the status page all the time. often has funny images hot/cute girls usually in cosplay outfits.

Pure TnA is a Bit Torrent site and is my main source of my shemale pr0n. They are ratio based, require registration, but have quality content.

BT Junkie is the Bit Torrent site I go for just about everything else.  TV shows, movies, whatever.

Quake Live is where I blow off aggressive steam, and kill people. It’s basically Quake 3 multiplayer from over 10 years ago, redone as plug-in for your web browser. It’s still in beta, but it works well, and is cross platform on all OSs, and most of the popular web browsers (IE and Firefox).

I also love the stuff they have at notably The Nostalgia Critic who remembers bad movies so you don’t have too. Also The Angry Joe Show who not only reviews video games but the video game industry as a whole (not to be confused with Angry Video Game Nerd though they are associated).  I also like the Nostalgia Chick, she’s cute, yet reminds me of my first girlfriend though (ACK!) Great stuff at TGWTG.


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