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January 16, 2010

Docsis 3

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I recently upgraded to 22Mbps via Comcast, got the new docsis 3 modem yesterday, however the new speeds weren’t apparent.  First after the new hardware was installed and running, i still had the same performance and IP address.  Usually the smallest hardware change will cause you to get a new IP address, but it didn’t this time. At best I was getting 17Mbps out of 22.

So i tried connecting my PC directly to the cable modem (which you should never do, it’s like having sex with out a condom, with an open wound on your penis, with a whore who hasn’t showered in a month)  Anyway to my supprise I was getting over 35Mbps speeds on a direct connection!  Holey shit! But this time I got a new IP address.

So, I reset my router to “factory defualt” setting, removing all the port forwarding and whatever else I had on it, even it’s MAC address to get a diffrent IP.  And it was getting something around 19Mbps.  I then decited to flash my firmware with Tomato (I had been using DD-WRT but they hadn’t updated anything in over 2 years) and now im getting 27Mbps. Yay!

I still don’t like Tomato firmware.  It’s bland to look at (well it is called tomato), confusing, and i can’t even find where to enable wireless encryption, or even change the SSID.  Oh wait nevermind I just figured that out! 🙂



  1. How are you still using your own router with the docsis3 modem? what modem do you have? what router do you have?

    Comment by joe — August 19, 2010 @ 5:56 am

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