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January 14, 2010

Team Conan

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NBC late night is fucked up. We already have enough late night talk shows as it is, and NBC keeps wanting to shove Leno down our throats, but in prime time, and they already have THREE late night talk shows or four if you count Carson Daily but it’s not exactly a talk-show format.

Most networks have maybe two M-F late night talk shows, and that’s all you need. All talk shows are basically the same thing anyway.  Celebs come on (half of them you never heard of), plug/hype whatever they are doing, and go on to the next celeb, and then a musical number at the end of the show.  Leno’s show is a bit different from this format, but not by much. It’s still the same stuff we get from Conan, Jimmy, Letterman, etc.

Because all talk shows are the same, most viewers don’t even bother watching more than the first two segments of a talk show. The same celebs, plugging the same over hyped movies, books, and music.  No one cares about that fluff; it’s not entertaining. Only the first two segments of a talk show are (usually) entertaining.

The more and you croud your time slots with yet MORE of the same thing, you just fester low quality television. NO show in prime time is a daily M-F show; that concept still seems insane to me, because people will get sick of it too quickly.. and guess what? People ARE sick of Leno.

I don’t want to rehash the events going on at NBC but obviously CoCo is getting fucked by this, as well as Jimmy who’s probably the most innocent of them all, and probably has the best show out of all three IMHO. (HEAD SWAP!)

Here’s my idea that NBC is welcome to steal. Don’t change the time slots for any shows, but turn Leno’s show into a WEEKLY show (say Friday), instead of being a thinly written, under produced, rushed-to-the-door daily show.

This will open up the 10pm slot for REAL programming (dramas) which is what a lot of TV actors are ticked off over because Leno took the enitre 10pm slot usually allocated for mature dramas, and also why you’re not seeing quality actors on Leno, instead we get talentless, fake celebs like Kim Cardashian, which just lowers Leno’s quality.  It’s a vicious cycle that NBC has put him in.

Since the show came back last September, the show is showing signs of being sells-outs from the get-go.  Sponsorships on every damn thing you see on the show.  Ford must be regretting having any doings with this show. And Leno him self, you can see the pain in his eyes and voice when he has to plug some stupid product in the middle of his already WEAK monologues.

I love Leno, don’t get me wrong, but we don’t need an overload of Leno on a daily basis.  Leno is spread too thin, a weekly show would give him and his writers to produce some GOOD material, instead of this flimsy half-baked jokes that any 10 year old can think up.


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