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December 21, 2009

Update about my eyes

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I was able to see another doctor to check out my eyes this morning to make sure that the problem was since my last PRP on Friday. Turns out that my cornea was scratched during my surgery. Often PRP involes using an eyepeice stuck right onto your eye. Which I’ve had that done before but it never caused this.  Though he is a new doctor who probably wasn’t too familiar with my case. There is an alternative way of doing PRP by being reclined back while the doctor hovers over you doing the lasers by what seems to be freehand.  When i had the procedure last Friday the doctor was just about to lay be back, but I made a comment about using the table/head rack.  He said, yeah we can use that, and so we did.  My guess there was a reason why to do it this way because of the possible damage?

which explains why my vision is completely blurry, and should heal over time. A scratch or abrasion on your cornia will feel like as if there’s something in your eye when you close your eye lids. Which is what I’ve been feeling for days, and it’s been driving me crazy.

My eye is also very tender and it’s causing headaches. That is likely from the laser treatment it self. While the pain seems mild, I feel mopey and slow and I keep wanting to keep my eyes shut. Not that looking is painful it just seems stressful, and not looking at anything is much more comfortable. After taking some advil I’m back to my normal mood, but I still can’t see very well. The doctor also told me to that once my cornea heals it won’t change my new eye glass prescription I just got last week. So i should have 20/20 vision eventually once I get my new glasses, and when my cornea heals.

I’m almost typing nearly blind here since my right eye has many blind spots that my left eye would normally compensate for. Though it seems watching TV from 8 feet away on a 37″ LCD screen isn’t a problem (been watching reruns of House all weekend). But looking at my computer LCD from about one foot away is difficult. words/letters look warped and pinched, as well as numerous blind and fuzzy spots (likely due from past PRPs). I believe once my new glasses are here I’ll be able to see better on my right eye, since I was checked for both near and far sightedness. But i think my astigmatism had changed from my old prescription so near sightedness should improve.

The Doc gave me some eye drops to help prevent infection and I should be good to go. Once again I want to thank everyone who’s helped me out on SL giving me generous donations and moral support for all of this. For now I just gotta rest up, heal up (from both the scratch, and the laser treatment it self), and probably won’t be online SL all that often.


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