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December 20, 2009

In case you’re wondering…

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I’ve been absent from Second Life for a few days now.  I had another PRP laser surgery on Friday and it was a rather bad one.  While the surgery it self was rather routine compared too the dozen or so I’ve had in the past, but the recovery is taking much longer.

My left eye is very sore, scratched. and the vision in that eye is very blurry. Laser surgery like this usually involves placing an eyepiece right on your eyeball so that you can’t close your eye while the laser zapps away. According to another eye doctor I spoke with, it’s common and normal for some damage to occur, especially with diabetic patients who are prone to have more delicate eyes.  The initial problem I had with my left eye was the feeling that there was something in my eye, like an eye lash or some foreign material was in my eye causing my eye to tear up constantly, specially when I closed my eye I could feel a physical object against my eye lid. What it likely was is my cornea was scratched from the eye piece, and my eye lid could feel a ridge or bump from the scratch.  It’s now been two days later and I no longer feel this anymore, but my eye is STILL very sore, and my vision hasn’t cleared up yet.  Even now im having a hard time reading my own text on this blog, since my right eye isn’t so great anyway.  So please bare with my typos…

I’m also very sleepy and lethargic, and it’s causing referred pain from my eyes into headaches.  I’m also prone to want to keep my left eye closed, and not look up.  It’s like my body knows im injured and just wants to sleep to heal up.  So i have been sleeping a LOT but when i wake up i don’t feel like I’ve overslept.  Plus the fact my left eye feels more comfortable now is indication I’m healing rather than feeling like I’ve overslept.

It’s only because of three cups of coffee and popping advil that i have the energy to get on my PC, post and login. I can BARELY read anything on my screen, since my left eye is completely blurry, and my right “good” eye already has poor vision. Fortunately my far sightedness isn’t too bad, I can watch TV just fine, if I’m not feeling too sleepy.  I’ve been watching episodes of House, which is my favorite “procedural” drama series ever.  I just finished off the first season.  This is all I do while  I am awake.

I’m hoping that the soreness and the blurred vision clears up by the time I get my new glasses that I ordered this past week.  My biggest fear now is that the new prescription I got last week would be wrong now that my left eye is completely fucked up. Even if my left eye’s vision does clear up, it may have changed the persecution.

I’d also like to take this opportunity (since I have some energy) thank some of the people (1 peron so far) who has donated L$ for my new glasses. I did order them last week thought i’ve not paid for them yet (still waiting for LL to pay into my paypal account) and since im still in healing mode I won’t be online much.

Anyway coffee is wearing off and im getting that feeling i should goto sleep even though i just woke up.


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