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December 20, 2009

Don’t click the Evony boobs!

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Envoy advert with BOOBS!

Envoy advert with BOOBS!

Seen banner ads showing closeups of busty cleavage for a game called Evony? Don’t bother clicking the ad. You’ll never see these boobs out side of the banner ads. They are just there to lure male gamers into playing a so-called free MMORPG. If you want to see tits, just search for it on Google Image search.. duh!

The company that runs this game is linked to known asian gold farmers, and accusations that the game it self is a complete ripoff  of the game “Civilization” by Sid Meier. As well as being sued my Microsoft for Click fraud! Read about it here.



  1. […] the banner ad against my better judgment.  Low and behold it took me to one of the most DESPISED MMOs of the entire internet with their false adverts of (RL) women models with big boobs, accusations of […]

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  2. So you’re quoting my blog about envoy latest round of BS, on a much older post from 3 months ago?

    Comment by hugsalot — March 28, 2010 @ 12:01 pm

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