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December 14, 2009

I need new glasses

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I’ve been procrastinating for over 4 years. The cheap-ass glasses I bought back in 2004 are now kaput.  If course my persciption changed like after 6 months after I got them, the left lense started to crack in the corner, and now it’s covering at least 1/3 of the surface.  Now these cheap-ass frames that i got from an online eye glasses place finally broke apart and I just need new QUALITY glasses.

Problem is, I can’t afford it.  I do have medical coverage but it doesn’t cover dental nor vision (well partly.. not glasses).  It is covering my laser eye surgeries but it’s not for corrective, it’s for preventive measures.  Has nothing to do with getting new glasses, which is ironic since it’s probably cheaper than the dozen or so PRP laser treatments and eye injections I’ve had already.

So I’m asking for help. If anyone out there is willing to donate to me via paypal (link below), whatever amount you’d like to help cover the costs of the eye exam and a new set of glasses.  I’ll be doing this regardless if anyone donates are not, the problem is that the only income i make is the whoring I do in SL, which is nice chunk of change, but nearly all of it goes towards groceries (food!)  but not just food for me.  It’s not really a lot of money.  I’m well below poverty level income-wise, but I don’t live alone (house, utilities, and most of the bills are covered by someone else).

I’ll try to see if i can work out some sort of payment plan for my new glasses.  though I’ll have to pay for the eye exam up front (about $100) or perhaps work out some package deal I can pay off over time for both the glasses and the exam.  We shall see.  Speaking of my eyes I’m due for yet more PRP laser surgery this Friday.  I just had the most painful laser surgery last Monday (7th) but the pain didn’t last (cept it turned into headaches).

So anyway, in a nutshell, I need some money to pay for new glasses (I’m near sighted) I’m guessing it will cost about $300+ for the eye exam and a new pair.  I have been using cheap-ass $60 pair for the past 5 years from an online place I got the made which I won’t make the same mistake again.

Please click the donate button below!

I also accept L$ donations in Second Life! Just find HUGSaLOT Valkyrie!


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