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December 12, 2009

It’s hopeless

Obama Hopeless

Obama Hopeless

Did we get change? I’m still waiting for something to be changed. You know a least one thing different since Bush left office.  Say increase in unemployment numbers, pulling troops out the middle east. Corporations not failing left and right. My bank not changing it’s name every 6 months. Maybe free health care that doesn’t end up costing more money in the long run.  You know something. Obama DID have a lot of great ideas.. and very common ideas that EVERYONE has. For example he was in favor of ending the war, just like 90% of the WORLD does, yet he gets a fucking nobel peace prize for it? So where’s mine?  I support ending the war in the middle east, and I haven’t done anything about that.  Oh wait, I didn’t announce that we will be sending in more troops into Afghanistan. Maybe that’s why i didn’t get my own nobel peace prize?

Some may say it’s gotten worse since Bush left office, but while I did vote for Obama, it seems to me he’s only maintaining the status quo.  The few things he did do to supposedly help the economy hasn’t done anything but get rich executives more money, as they continue to lay off more employees, and close down regional areas of their company, to maintain profits.  And yet more money we don’t have is flying out the white house, and capitol hill to 3rd world countries for no apparent reason, erecting statues in his honor.

The thing about all politicians isn’t that they lie during their election campaigns, as if they are full of shit; it’s just they don’t KNOW shit.  Once Obama came into office and was debriefed about all our country’s top secrets, conspiracies, the budget, and all the corruption that actually exists, had HAD to keep the status quo that Bush left him, or end up like JFK. That corruption has probably been brewing probably since World War II. After all a lot of the same people who are involved in politics back 50-60 years ago are STILL AROUND still pulling the strings on figure heads like public policy makers (president, congress, senate, etc.)

The president doesn’t really run the country, it’s his cabinet that advises him on what to do. Those people are then controlled by their own greed and competition wanting more control over the white house and the presidents ear; rather than working as a team.  In order for them to gain ground, they need more money.  More money than they earn as being a member of the president’s cabinet. So they make deals with congressmen and senators, who are back by the lobbyists (or they deal with Lobbyists directly) to work out deals to make more money, or work out deals for these lobbyists’ interest.

The war keeps going on because there’s money to be made doing so, regardless of the sacrifices our young men and women must endure. In an age were corporate penalties take precedent; always trying to improve the value of your company, regardless of what that may costs, so that your shareholders don’t sue you into oblivan if you don’t make a profit every quarter, is a serious problem in America.

Sure the concept of corporations is fine and dandy, but corporations can reach a critical mass of growth and profits. I don’t know if it’s because of greed, but when a company gets so big, it becomes it’s own liability when they end up cannibalizing themselves to maintain a constant, always improving profit margin, or be sued into oblivion by their share holders.  There’s little to no room for failure.  This is why Obama paid them out so that the shareholders won’t sue them and take the entire company down.  All of that money these corporations got didn’t save peoples jobs, it didn’t improve the products nor services that produce, and these companies are STILL FAILING.

What we need is a true overhaul to the way we do business.  Remove the threat in corporate law so when a business just loses profit, they aren’t jeopardizing so many people’s lives.  If a corporation does poorly, let them fail since the alternative is going to be much much harsher as we are already seeing today.  You’re better off closing down shop, rather than laying off half your work force, forcing your remaining employees to take up the slack, while also trying to improve your product and/or services.  It just doesn’t work, and it stresses the fuck out of everyone.  At the same time you’re being a HUGE drain on government resources when the government hands you a bucket of billions of dollars… which is money THEY DON’T HAVE.  Especially when they aren’t expecting that money to be paid back, even with out intrest.

Are we still in the worst economic depression since before WWII? Many of us are in debt our meager incomes barely cover the cost of living, while we max out our credit cards just to buy groceries for the family.  Ironically it was WWII that got us out of the depression back then. Because jobs were created to support the war effort, and American lives were rationed which in-effect lowered cost of living. But we have been this war for the past eight years (among others) and it’s not helped us, except fat-cat executives and bureaucrats.   But then again WWII was an actual DECLARED war by an act of congress; the last time they declared war was (I think) the Korean war.  We never declared war in Vietnam, and we had the energy crisis of the 70s.  The reason why they don’t want to officially declare war on Iraq/Afghanistan is because they don’t want their actions and spending to be kept in check. With a war that isn’t declared, the money and responses spent on it can be completely done with no supervision.  If they consider it as an action, it’s assumed temporary and with a specific goal; but this is hardly a temporary, and we have no fucking idea what that action is really supposed to be.

Then there’s health care. Wow it’s amazing what people believe in this world.  Idiots running around shouting “I don’t want government interfering with my Medicare!” makes me cringe. The reason why this is fucked up is because it’s too expensive.  Again we go back to the corporate mentality as to why. Perfect example is what’s referred to as “big pharma” or the big pharmaceutical corporations.  They create drugs that don’t really cure or fix anything, but just postpone the inevitable so they can keep selling more drugs. Creating made-up diseases that are common aliments, and creating drugs that simply COVER the symptoms so you must take a pill EVERY DAY for the rest of your life now, so that you won’t suffer “acid reflux” anymore.  Which is just fucking heartburn for fucks sake, it’s NOT A DISEASE!  Also while lobbying to pass laws that declare that only “drugs” can cure disease. Because of that they ended up making up new diseases.  Home remedies suddenly no longer cure anything, and they almost passed a law that declared vitamins as drugs (vitamin C actually), so they would be under their control, taxed and profited from.

So now we get some so-called “health care reform” that is just what the insurance companies wanted.  Not Doctors, not patients.  Much like California’s law that states all drivers MUST have car insurance, soon everyone in American is REQUIRED to have health insurance, or pay a fine.  The ironic thing is that it seems to be CHEAPER to pay for the penalties than to actually pay for insurance.  After all when you do get sick you will get medical attention and also long term support if you have a condition.  Once again it’s all about money, not health care.

The only good thing that Obama and our government SEEMS to have a good idea on is legalizing marijuana, but that’s mostly just something they can tax the hell out of to help pay off the debt.  Problem is that buying pot illegally will probably be cheaper.  But it may be the “new tobacco” for tobacco companies to switch too and start making money again.  Come to think of it, why didn’t the tobacco industry ask for a bailout?

Now about the environment. When did carbon dioxide become so evil? People are treating it as if it’s toxic waste; it’s not. This compound is ESSENTIAL part of life. In grade school we learned that plants absorb it and produce oxygen for us to breath. with out it life wouldn’t exist.  Now all of a sudden collage professors are telling (not teaching) students it’s poison to the environment.  It’s just insane to think that something so basic and common is suddenly a huge threat to the planet.  Not to downplay the issue of pollution, but this bullshit has been building up over the past 30 years.  Back then it was “Give a hoot, don’t pollute.” and slowly it turned a GLOBAL environmental phenomena largely due to, I think, the largely the population ignored it.  If you go back in time and move forward you see this snowball effect, from cute PSAs on Saturday morning cartoons, too “holes in the ozone” which came and went. Then we had “El Nino” which was more like a FAD to talk about. Then “Green House Effect” came into being, which then mutated into global warming, and now we have “Climate Change” with ex-Vice President Al Gore leading the way, trying to pass a law that supposedly controls the emissions of CO² by using a trade/barter system.  This is were you buy or trade “credits” for your pouliting bussines so you only limimted to what you buy. With the money made from those credits, for some reason, that money will be given to 3rd world countires who barely have any industry that polutes the planet. But guess who is going to run the business that sells and trades these carbon credits?  Al Gore, and he’s poised to make billions of dollars from being the middle man for what amounts letting companies pollute for money.

As if money is karma, and all those polluting companies in the world will feel better about the pollution they cause by fund money into developing countries, just so they can be polluters too?   IS THAT good for the planet? So how did we get from a guy in an OWL costume singing and dancing with children on PSA ads saying “Give a Hoot…” to an ex-Vice president making billions of dollars from polluting business while at the same time giving us guilt-trips for farting CO² and driving to work every day in CO² spewing cars?

So don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a clean and healthy enviroment, but this is complete bullshit.  Global warming isn’t caused by cow farts, and too many gas guzzling cars. And you shouldn’t feel guilty for how you live your lifestyle; be thankful you have a life.  The real problem is that we will run out of coal and oil reserves and we need to switch to something easily renewable.  That’s rather obvious, but that has little to do with how polluting those fuel sources are.  But won’t that fix the so-called global warming problem by it self when we run out?  If we are head-fast into running out of coal and oil in less than 50 years, won’t it fix it self when we run out?


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  1. And Guantanamo Bay detention camp is still open.

    Comment by Mimika Oh — December 13, 2009 @ 8:55 am

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