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December 5, 2009

Old games on Win7 64bit FAIL!

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I was reading a Maximum PC article back about a few weeks ago about getting games to support widescreen. The article talks about how most games don’t actually set a proper POV for widescreen users.  The utility just changes POVs for more recent games (like Bioshock.) I was hoping it would reconfigure older games for widescreen resolutions, and not get black-borders on the sides of my monitor (like watching a 4:5 video on a 16:9 screen).

I’ve been having this problem with many of the old PC games I have had collected over the past 10 years that I spend thousands of dollars on. Mose of these games run fine for the most part; often they won’t support a wide-screen monitor, or NAG you every time you start the game up thinking your DX10 video card is a low-end  crappy PCI video card since it doesn’t detect DX9 (groan!), but they still run.

The walls I end up hitting usually involves the old installer exe (or update exe files) that aren’t compatible with 64bit Win7. They come up with some bogus error that it’s not a valid win32 app, or it’s not compatible with a 64bit OS, or some other cock-n-bullshit.

I don’t understand why something as simple as an installer, or an update/patch file that just moves, copies and replaces files is some how no-longer compatible when the game itself, with its complex graphics and AI, runs fine.  Technically I could use a simple BATCH FILE to update these games.  Yes there’s also the registry it needs to change and update, which is no more than a large text document you edit.

I had this problem with Total Annihilation, and Homeworld 2. I was able to get Total Annihilation installed properly by first installing it on a Win7 32bit PC, installed all the updates, add ons and extras (that wouldn’t run on my 64bit Win7), and then just copying the entire installed folder over to my main 64bit PC.  Works fine.

What’s bugging me now is I have installed Homeworld 2 but the game doesn’t support my monitor’s native resolution (1680×1050) so I selected whatever the highest one listed, and now the lower half of the game’s UI isn’t accessible which is where the OK, NEXT, CANCEL buttons are. So since i couldn’t use the in-game updater, I downloaded the 1.1 update file, hoping to fix my screen resolution problems. But I hit a brick wall because it’s a little incompatible 32bit app that won’t run on 64bit Win7. >ARG<

It’s like nearly EVERY old game I have on CD has this problem. I spend thousands of dollars on all these games and now suddenly they don’t work for some B.S. reason? …and people wonder why Console gaming is so popular now.  >sigh<

I might as well get a Mac and not play games, except flash web games like plants vs zombies or whatever my mom plays when she’s not playing solitaire.


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