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November 10, 2009

New pet peeve! Scroll Blocking!

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This isn’t about SL, but with web pages, and browsers (I use Firefox)

Why is it that my mouse has to be hovering over a blank space on the screen for my fucking scroll wheel to acctually scroll down the page?  I can understand it if my mouse is inside an edit box or frame that can scroll up and down (if it has a scroll bar). However some advert banners, Flash and video boxes (often from youtube) which don’t even HAVE scroll bars will disable the use of my mouse wheel, until I move my mouse to a different spot, which will likely ALSO lock out my scroll wheel too.  Often I’ll find a good spot to start scrolling but as items come up and under my mouse, I can’t scroll anymore… ARG!  just fucking scroll already!

It would be really nice if browsers had some way to FORCE SCROLL the full page, say holding down SHIFT (or ALT, CTRL, whatever) while I spin my mouse wheel.  Maybe this is already a feature I just never heard about?


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  1. Get katmouse

    Comment by Camel — November 17, 2009 @ 4:19 pm

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