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October 14, 2009

How NOT to be a noob

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This is a quick list of things noobs tend to do, so try NOT to do them!

  1. Avis who wear underwear under their penis. It looks like a STRAP ON like that!
  2. People who try to edit their penis longer and end up making it float off their body
  3. People with a “solar system” of facelights around their head.
  4. Over-acting roleplayers who narrate every non-sexual mundane thing they do
  5. Female avatars that are just TOO DAMN TALL!
  6. Groups that hand out VIP roles to EVERYONE, and the idiots who join then compulsively.
  7. Total strangers who send friend requests w/o greeting me or even saying hi.
  8. Girls who wear prim boobs with the pointy ends up to their collar bones, looking like they are wearing a baby’s bib!
  9. People who have their hair set to Glow, or Full-Bright
  10. Prim finger nails. You’ll look like Wolverine when your hand goes into a fist.
  11. People who try to insult me, or argue with me when they barely speak English.
  12. People who ask me “R U a Shemale?” when I’m standing there butt-nekkid with my big boobies exposed, cock hang out and a “shemale” group role in my name above my head.
  13. People who still have the default avatar face on their hot avi body shape
  14. People who are too infatuated with me; they try TOO HARD to be friends, and just come off  as creepy, clingy, and annoying. They think can get a “Free Fuck” if we become friends. Don’t bother.
  15. People I barely know who just spontaneously start to roleplay in IM, and say they are being friendly
  16. People who have obvious fake RL pics when you can see the web address in the corner
  17. People who SCREAM in their profiles “NO MEN!” are probably men themselves in RL.
  18. Nude beaches/resorts when no one is nude.
  19. Spammy penises (and other addons) that fill the screen with meaningless sexting that no one reads
  20. People who use English translators, when they are already chatting in English.
  21. Users who wear text floaters over their heads that  redundantly shows their name.
  22. People who TYPE IN ALL CAPS. Sign of the douche bag.
  23. Avatars who are well over 2 years old but still look and act like noobs!

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  1. You are right, Hugsie!
    Those things you wrote sure would qualify a person as a noob.

    Comment by Ace Flashman — November 18, 2009 @ 3:42 pm

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