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October 6, 2009

Guitar Hero: Van Halen

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Yes it came today. The only really disappointing thing about it is it didn’t come in a normal plastic green DVD jewel case like all Xbox games come in.  It had no manual, just a thin cardboard sleeve which at least has the unique code on the back so I can export the songs if I wanted.  It also had two fliers advertising the other Guitar Hero games that are coming out soon.

The game it self seems to be based off of Guitar Hero Metalica, with OUT all the with the extra features and function thgat GH5 has.  It doesn’t have the ability to “join in” at any time, or have up to four players playing the same instrument.  As per-usual, these band-specific Guitar Hero titles includes songs from different artists, and a lot of them I’ve already played in different music games. >sigh<

Also included was a small letter thanking me for purchasing Guitar Hero 5.  At the bottom of the letter shows the “founder” of guitar hero as “Kai Huang.” Sorry I don’t buy that claim. From my understanding, the people behind Rock Band were the original creators of Guitar Hero 1, 2, and Rocks the 80s, before Activision bought up Red Octane, and dropped the Guitar Hero franchise on Neversoft’s lap when they were doing their umpteenth Tony Hawk game. Harmonix was then acquired by MTV, and Rock Band was soon born.

So while I don’t know the exact history and the names behind these music games (other than the fact that Konami invented music rhythm games, including a three-button guitar YEARS before Guitar Hero came out for the PS2) I’m sure this statement of Kai being the “Founder” might be true.  But history is a funny thing, and can be re-written to mean anything one wishes; you just have to be in the position to do so.

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