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September 20, 2009

Healthcare is officially fucked up

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This new “Baucus Bill” that was just hammered out by our Congress this past week, is a prime example of lobbyist influences and corruption, and shows how our elected officials are so isolated from the real world. According to this bill, everyone will be REQUIRED (read forced) to have health insurance, or pay a penalty.  How exactly is this going to help uninsured people who can’t afford health care in the first place?  This doesn’t change anything, but force people to pay for something they can’t afford already.  I’m sure insurance company execs shot a huge wad when they saw this new bill, since it will give them more business.  Maybe this could lead to more jobs to be had at insurance companies?  Either way it’s a good time to buy stock in insurance companies.

This sounds a lot like how in California all drivers are forced to have car insurance.  But at least you can choose not to drive a car, and therefore you won’t be forced to have car insurance.  However everyone ALIVE is going to be forced to pay health care insurance, or just go and die. Sure there will be provisions for people who can’t afford health care to get that, but that isn’t the so-called public option, and it’s really no diffrent from the system we already have now, but worse!

Insurance companies don’t want a public “single payer” option, since they won’t be able to compete with it and go out of business.  People talk about how we should open this into a free market, and let companies compete for better services and prices, but this bill isn’t doing that.  If anything this bill was practically written by health care insurance so they can be shovel-fed more money from people who are already too broke to buy health insurance in the first place.

This is not health care reform, this is just reinforcing how fucked up it already is.



  1. Give me a bill that a) makes it so that I can shop for healthcare from any state in the union, or even outside the country, and b) that isn’t contingent on what company I work for.

    My company doesn’t pay for my home insurance or my car insurance, nor do they care whether I can eat or not. Nor do I lose any of those if I change employers. Should be the same way with health insurance, in my opinion. I don’t want fewer options. I want *more* (i.e. cheaper).

    Comment by Morgen — September 22, 2009 @ 4:41 pm

  2. I understand your point, you’re talking about an open market and compitition. But this isn’t what we are getting here, we are being FORCED to have health insurance if we can afford it or not. With insurance lobbyists paying truckloads of money to our congressmen and senators (so they can hire prostitutes and drugs), there’s no way they will hammer out a bill that with what WE the PEOPLE want.

    I would think the costs would go up if you had to deal with an insurance company that is long distance from where you live. If you want insurance from other countries, then you deal with currency exchanges. One of the ways they already do keep health care costs down is by doing it all in one place. State and County ran hospitals tend to do this, with clinics, a pharmacy, and health care insurance(sometimes free!) connected to a full fledged hospital.

    With your idea; can you imagine the logistical nightmare it could be waiting for paper work and approvals going across the country, and around the world? Do you really want someone you don’t know who works in some office in Timbuktu to stamp approve of a procedure? Or worse case scenario; have to fly out to some other country to get health care? Heck don’t some people come to America for that?

    Comment by hugsalot — September 22, 2009 @ 8:56 pm

  3. I agree that the health care solution as it is proposed right now as an abysmal attempt to correct the problem. I want the same health care options as Congress for less than I pay right now, no pre-existing conditions and no kick if your sick capability.

    There is one clause in the CA vehicle insurance you probably didn’t pay attention to. If you have $35,000 set aside (might have to go to the state, or some escrow account), then you are not required to have car insurance. At least that was the case in 2002 when I was living there. So if you’re rich, you get additional benefits. Seems it well be the same with health care, eventually.

    Comment by Terry Setzer — November 16, 2009 @ 10:50 am

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