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September 18, 2009

Music games GALORE!

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I just spend my hard earned Linden$ on Guitar Hero 5, Rock Band Beatles, Guitar Hero Metalica, and a new 120gb HDD for my 360. I also am going to redeem my free copy of Guitar Hero Van Halen but I won’t see that for another month. I ordered GH Metalica from GameFly, they have free shipping this month for non-subscribers, so I should get that some time next week.

As I type this I’m doing the  data transfer from my old 20gb HDD, to my new 120gb HDD, which is going to take another hour to finish (1 ½ to do total)  Gawd, I could just re-download all of that quicker!  So I gotta wait before I can pop in my games and rock out with my cawk out.

Last time I bought a 120gb drive for my 360, I got it used from some website (via Pricegrabber), that didn’t come in it’s original packaging. It was shipped in a thin envelop (not in a box) and I knew the moment I hooked the drive up, it was going to fail, and guess what folks? (click.. click… click…) I was able to get my money back, though I had to pay to ship the thing back.

Now that I finally have a 120gb drive for my 360 console, I just know Microsoft will announce a larger model.  It really does seem like a rip-off considering I’m paying MORE than $1 per gigabyte. I’ve bought 1TB hdd’s for less money for my PC.  They don’t get any bigger than 120’s for any console it seems. Sony PS3’s are just now getting 120gb drives in their slim units, though you can hack-in any kind of hard drive into the older PS3 from what I understand.

I’ve not found any legitimate hacks (oxymoron) for putting in a larger hard drive into a 360, which you’d think would be REALLY easy to do since they are detachable, but since I have an old 20gb 360 drive I don’t really need anymore, maybe I can hack that into a 500gb drive or something?  To bad I can’t just hook my old drive into a USB port and have it be treated like a memory unit (mu).  Or hook it into a PC and use it as an external storage (I could if removed the drive from the case and used a laptop/usb adapter). I bet I can find websites that will let me hack these old drives to do something.  Though i might just save it in case I buy an arcade 360, or a used/referb 360 with no HDD.

Oh hey 45mins left on this transfer!


You can use the transfer cable on your old 20gb HDD and hook it to your PC and use it like an external hard drive, as long as the USB port gives it full power to spin the drive.  Though to use it on your 360 as a USB storage device, you have to format it FAT32. When you first connect the drive it won’t show anything since it’s partitioned and formatted weird to your PC, so just partition and format it, you’ll only get 16.8gb from it, which is about as much as a normal USB thumb drive offers, but probably a bit faster.

I formatted the old 20gb drive NTFS and tossed on a few files on root (mp3 and two jpgs). Then put it back on my 360’s drive bay and started it up. I was assuming the 360 was going to balk at the drive for whatever reason, but it saw it normally, but didn’t see the files I put on it. The 360 has a format function, but when you try to do it it asks for your consoles serial number… which I find ODD.  The serial numbers are VERY long, so I guess it’s to avoid accidental formats from your kids screwing around when you’re not paying attention.


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