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September 15, 2009

Bing Sucks

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I have been using Bing as my default search and start page for about two months, and it just doesn’t feel right. But I’m switching back to Goggle.  Most of the time I’m looking up definitions for words and proper spellings, but Bing doesn’t support the [define: <word>] function like Google does. And doesn’t always “suggest” what word you meant to write when you can’t spell it proper.  Bing is just not as intuitive as Google.  Now perhaps Bing DOES have a [define:] function but I’m not aware as to what it is.  I’ve yet to see a “Hack Bing” page that explains all the advanced search tricks and tools like we all have seen for Goggle in the past five+ years.


  1. bing sucks

    Comment by mark — September 15, 2009 @ 11:33 pm

  2. Yeah did you actually use it more than just once or twice? Considering your in-depth review of it saying, “Bing Sucks” leads me to think you didn’t bother to try it for any length of time.

    There are worse search engines, like whatever Yahoo was using before they got in bed with Microsoft. Bing does work but just not for the more detailed “power user” type things I need. It probably has functions like that but I don’t know what they are. But for fucks sake it’s just a search engine, not a fucking RELIGION, or some kind of epic way of life. There’s nothing left but Google, and Bing now. It’s funny how Bing comes online up after Goggle dominated all the other search engines. is still around but it’s all but forgotten. We all know what has happened to Yahoo. Alta-vista who? There aren’t any players left.

    Comment by hugsalot — September 18, 2009 @ 11:17 am

  3. Bing sucks is so popular : 🙂

    Comment by taranfx — October 3, 2009 @ 12:12 pm

  4. I hate the Liberal propaganda from Bing. Google has it too in which it was caught red handed biasing search results *Google is owned by Democratic corporations who poured millions into Obama campaigns* but at least Google if you search the correct way you can find the non propaganda stuff on the first page using the advance search feature.

    I don’t like EITHER of the search results but today’s case is a *lesser of the two evil* as the economy remains in a holding pattern I don’t see any innovation cropping up anytime soon. Worse still is everybody going the smart phone route on tiny screens.

    Microsoft started the trend by trying to make Windows 8 be a phone on you’re desktop which if you look at the Guardian’s newspaper you will find hundreds of comments explain why it’s not a good idea including Microsoft’s own beta team which Steve refused to listen to.

    Windows 10 is basically Windows 7 all over again paying 200 dollars for and *renting* software instead of owning it.

    Linux Mint which Dad had before I did has improved leaps and bounds due to ex windows users leaving in droves and working on it. Linux Mint is what Microsoft could’ve capitalized on which I would if I were an executive and took a look at Mint and what the fuss was all about I’d do what I could to monetize it.

    Microsoft is literally sitting on a gold mine they are not touching and instead buy the gold from a competitor because they are too lazy to even hire workers to mine the gold who would jump at the chance for work.

    Comment by SortingHat — April 11, 2015 @ 2:40 pm

  5. Microsoft mining company has so much potential in them hills but all their machinery continues to remain silent as they buy from competitors for a higher price.

    I don’t agree with the smart phone trend but I think Microsoft could have a huge market if they could combine some of the features of Linux Mint such as the multi tasking desktop which you can switch screens on the fly or many screen adjustments.

    Microsoft if they monetized Linux would mean there would no longer be an attitude of “If you don’t like it fix it you’re self ass hole!” attitude from the Linux fanboys.

    Buying a Mac is basically paying for a polished Linux Umbuntu which we don’t like either version. Dad and I played with Umbuntu or however you spell it and it is buggy with not as many features. We went to a Mac store to see what one was like and it pretty much was Umbuntu touched up a bit and the happy face added instead of a penguin.

    Comment by SortingHat — April 11, 2015 @ 2:45 pm

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