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September 11, 2009

Blue Mars bore

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I got an invite into Blue Mars, and I don’t like it so far.  The UI is cumbersome, controls behave slow, and i can’t even maximize the window.  I can’t tell if I’m chatting or walking.  Walking is cumbersome with a constant audible chime that you here every time you take a step.  It also uses CHAT BUBBLES which brings back nightmares from  It’s cute but you’re gonna miss nearly everything people say if you’re not looking at them.  it’s hard to express how frustrating this game is.

Sure sure it’s BETA but but for fucks sake, didn’t any of the other MILLINONS of video games from over the past 15 years of 3D games give the devleoper of Blue Moon a CLUE as to how NOT to make a cumbersome UI and control setup?  Why does it seem like every time some developer creates a new virtual world they have to essually IGNORE how other simular games/services function?  So they have to start from ground zero and start with the most akward and cumbersome UI and controls ever.

When i was setting up my avatar’s apperance on the WEB PAGE, I sware to GOD I chose to have RED hair, and when I came into world, I was a blonde.  There are virtually NO customizations to your avatar, other than a small handful of hairstyles, and clothes.  You can’t even alter the shape and appearance of your avatar.  Everyone has exactly the same body type.  The only big-deal thing you can do is customize your face, add all kinds of make up effects, as well as draw on warpaint.

There’s this place called the “waterfall level” it’s a lush tropical island with waterfalls all over the place.  It’s very pretty.  You’re sitting in a flying craft that bascailly hovers.  Again this is where the controls fall so short that you’d think that other flight sims were never created before.  Or at least the developers of Blue Mars never played other flight sim games.

When on foot, there is no camera control, which is very like.  But at least with the camrea follows your avatar in a predictable way as any 3rd person game does.  In this you you can turn  and steer your avatar around the world as it walks but your camera view is fixed in whatever direction it was left in.  I’ve not tried first person yet but considering how clueless the developers of Blue Mars seem to be they will likely mess that all up and ignore status quo.  Sure it uses WASD for most of the avatar navigation, but not your camera view.

It has a lot to work to be done on to even come close to even the level of UO.  Graphically it’s nice, UI is rather ufly, some issue with text, and the controls are just gives me a headache. It’s a shame that the developers of Blue Mars seem have to ignore the features, functions, and progress already made by other MMOs and videogames, and have to start at ground zero.  If this truly BETTER than SL, then why isn’t it?


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