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August 19, 2009

Now for something completely irrelevant….

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LL has done it again, introducing a new service that you’ll never need.  AvaLine!  No it’s not perfume for your avatar, so he/she will smell nice to other avatars in SL; something just as equally useless.  Voice over IP on Second Life.  For only L$ 1500 a month (~$5.80 usd) you too can get incoming voice calls from people on traditional phones/cell. But wait there’s more!  You do NOT get your own phone number! People call a local number of only about 40 cities world wide (so you’ll likely be calling long distance) and THEN dial a personal ID code to actually call the person. If they refuse the call or aren’t offline, they also offer voice mail, which is just an attachment sent via email.

”What an incredibly useless service!”                                   ”No more LAG! I won’t have to have Skype installed lagging my SL anymore.”
— anonymous avatar
— anonymous avatar

Why use traditional phone and cell phone services anymore? Who needs Magic Jack, or Skype when you can park your ass in front of your PC and sit online Second Life camping for 3L$ per hour at in some sim no one shops at, let alone visits, so you can accept your AvaLine phone calls.

You don’t really need mobility, most of us SL users are fat-assed slobs who never go out side anyway.  You won’t mind being tethered by a head-set to your PC or laptop so you can accept incoming calls from people you met online.  You can impress your friends (if you have any) by showing off a long distance phone number + ID code, in an IM to that cute girl newbie you met today, who’s probably just another fat slob. The new service dosen’t support dial-out calls from this service; but you don’t have any friends anyway.


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