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August 12, 2009

The 912 Project

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I recently started watching Glen Beck on Fox News, and Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.  These two shows are complete polar opposites over the same topics and it’s really hard to filter out the bullshit.  It’s like matter, and anti-matter, put them together and you get nothing!  You’d think there would be some truth left over when you do that, but these two shows contradict each other to an extreme. You’d think my DVR would blow up from having these shows  recorded.   The other show, a podcast, I like to listen too that seems to balance this out is “The No Agenda” podcast. But keep in mind, I am a registered Republican, but I voted democrat in the last two presidential elections, since Ron Paul never made it far enough.

So anyway I read up on this 912 project, I thought it had to do with 9/11 as if something special happened the next after after the terrorists attack.  But no it’s just a list of statements where only two things I have an issue with.


This is something a modern society needs to just get over.  There is no God that cares; please get over it.  Stop trying to do things in God’s name when he dosen’t give a rats ass.  He has no agenda anymore, but everyone makes it out as if he does, yet nobody knows what it is.  It’s like some asshole’s personal agenda hiding under the guise that it’s the “Will of God” when it obviously isn’t.  Last time people did this people lived in monarchies, where everyone had to obey Kings and Queens because God spoke directly to them, and ordained them as rulers of the land is if God was to do so himself.  Maybe if religious nuts would focus on real issues, and not vague impressions and twisted meanings of the Bible; the world would be a better place. You don’t have to be a religious person to know what’s right and wrong, good or bad.  Spirituality is good if you need it, but far too often bullshit “religious agendas” gets in the way real life, and starts the problems and the cataclysms that the Bible it SELF warns about.  Get your head out of God ass people, thank you.


I understand that’s how it is right now, but I believe equal rights SHOULD be guaranteed.  That is something the world has been STRIVING for for millenia. You don’t have to be a bleeding heart liberal to understand this, and want this for the world at large.  We could have this if resources were easy to obtain and unlimited.  But wait… isn’t this already guaranteed?  Isn’t that what the bill of rights is about?  The Constitution? All those old documents they wrote over 200 years ago that founded this country?  Should we disregard documents written so long ago (cough!)The Bible(cough!) just because it’s old, written by dead people, and just try something else that isn’t proven to work?

I believe equal opportunity should be guaranteed, but if you make bad choices (or lack there off) in life, then all bets are off.  Everyone should be guaranteed this, regardless of what neighborhood you live in, or what last name you were born with (or changed it too).

All these talking heads on TV, like Glen Beck, like to talk about Hitler and Socialism and how we SEEM to be heading in this direction.  However #6 is probably the most socialistic statement I’ve ever heard from this guy.  #6 can be seen to mean that equal rights only belong to the people who deserve it, and yet he warns us about socialism?

With that said, it’s nearly impossible to make a guarantee.  To do so means that if one person wasn’t given equal rights, that person will be given something else of equal value; that’s what guarantees do.  Like if you buy a product that’s has a defect, you’re guaranteed for it to get fixed, or you get your money back.  But how can you apply a guarantee to equal rights?

The rest of this 912 Project document is all common sense.  If it wasn’t for #2 and #6, you could say that perhaps a moderate, or even a liberal wrote this.

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