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August 11, 2009

GreenLife Viewer AWESOME!

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Green Life Emerald viewer (or just Emerald) is the BEST client EVER!

It has:

  • Awesome built-in radar function
  • double click teleporting, perfect for when the sim lags and you just wanna move across the room
  • Temporary texture files for TESTING, so you won’t waste 10L every time a texture dosen’t look right.
  • “Show look at” targets show avatars name
  • OTR IM encryption, and authentication
  • Even less camera restrictions allowing you to zoom way far out
  • No sky ceiling, when flying up into the clouds.  You can hold PAGE-UP indefinitely with out using a flight script.
  • 13 skins to choose from, instead of the boring TWO in the official viewer.
  • Alternate voice chat server ability
  • Built-in Shield protection (not sure what that does)
  • Auto response to IM based on criteria like if a user is on your friends list or not, etc
  • Command line style functions in local chat that let you do stuff
  • Customizable “effects” when you’re selecting/editing objects.  Create your own symbols.
  • Build menu has extra preset shapes!
  • All kinds of little tweaks and changes to the client I haven’t figured out yet, or don’t know what they do.

GO install it!  🙂


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