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July 15, 2009

Windows 7 bugs

Here are some issues I’m having with Win7

I use an Asus P5Q motherboard, and I’m using Asus “6-Engine” software for controlling the speed of my PC, and noise levels.  I can overclock my PC for gaming performance, and underclock my PC to keep the fan noise down while doing idle tasks.  I also use Windows Media Center extended to my Xbox 360 so I can watch videos and movies on my big 37″ HDTV.  If I’m playing a video over WMC and my PC is in “underclocked” mode, the video hiccups about every minute or so.  I have to set my PC speeds to normal clock speeds, or overclocked, it to get rid of the video hiccup, which isn’t really desirable since even at normal clock speeds, my fans run noisy.

Synergy is also problematic since if your remote PC is running windows 7, synergy won’t work until you’re already on the desktop. So if you get a login screen after boot up for Win7 you can’t use Synergy login (which you can do with Linux if you tweak Synergy).  Plus every time Win7 demands some sort of administrative notices (like installing an app), all network connections are halted, and Synergy can no longer function on the remote PC.


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