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June 15, 2009

New SL viewer, and Zindra!

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I’m not sure why they did this but they changed a few fundamentals in this viewer that’s bugging me. First of all some of the pie menus have been changed around so you might accidentally choose something else.  Clicking on your avatar and going ‘down’ now activates appearance mode, so if you were clicking on an attachment you won’t accidentally click on “detach.”

Also the mini map compass has black letters and you can barely read it now, so you can’t tell which direction you’re facing now.  Arg!

Of course the big deal about this new viewer is the new adult content filters, and restrictions to the new sim classification of “Adult” (adding to the existing PG, and Mature sims we already have).  Which will lead to the adult content being segregated and moved onto a new mainland.  God knows this will be one big fiasco. Friends are calling this the end of SL, and it won’t last for another year.  I hear this every time LL makes a controvierial announcement, and we are still here.  But it would be nice if LL stopped making stupid choices like this, hopefully there won’t be a need for bonehead announcements after this big one has blown over… assuming it ever does considering how long this might take.

What I don’t get is what is actually making land owners move to the new mainland? It’s not like the Lindens can automatically earmark a parcel as “adult” and force them to move to Zindra.  Land owners who believe they have an adult themed area should submit a support ticket for the move, then wait for the Lindens to call their ticket up and help them move. In fact for the next two weeks the new mainland called “Zindra” will be an open house for users fly out and check out and claim spots.  However you DO have use an avatar with either adult verification or billing info on file/used, however you don’t need to use the new 1.23 viewer.

So apparently there won’t be a landgrab like there usually is when a new mainland opens up, allowing for the Lindens to take care of each landowner that wants to move.But that’s my point, the land owners who WANT to move, there’s was nothing said about being FORCED too. The Lindens like to talk about how no one is ever forced to do anything, like Adult Verification was never “forced” on anyone and back then adult themed land owners weren’t forced to flag thier land as adult.  They had to rely on other residents to submit abuse reports if they see adult themed areas that aren’t properly flagged. And NO ONE ever did that!  Even then it’s not like the Lindens automatically lay down the law, they probably have to get many reports about the same land for them to even care. Which supprised the hell out of me, since there are a lot of evil douchebags in SL who could EASILY abuse this and use thier army of alts to send abuse reports about landowners who didn’t properly flag thier land as “adult.”  I’m sure now the same will hold true for this segregation once people find left-over “adult themed” areas still on the older mainlands.  Probably from landowners who don’t login cept maybe one every six months.

As for Zindra it self, you don’t need to use the new 1.23 viewer to access the new mainland. However you DO need to have payment info on file/used, or be adult verified. All of the “adult” filtering is done at the viewer side of things, so using the older viewer, or alternate viewers aren’t required.

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