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January 31, 2009

Trying out again

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A lot has changed since I used to hang out at, but not much has changed with the service it self. I was in the beta back in 2004 and even met the entire development, executive, and support team at, but that was a long time ago. The service it self has changed hands, changed names, and has spun off the original company many times.  Even long before then all the exeutives (CEO, CTO, etc..) all left to do other things (like So it’s not the same company.

Anyway after about 3 years not much has changed.  They finally added a hugging emote about a year ago.. took then 5 years to get this. Something SL had since day one. still has a nightmarish inventory system that makes absoultly no sense, and has yet to to be changed at all.  It still heavily relies on Flash and IE to function, which is why you’ll never see client ported to Linux or OS X.

They did finnally consolidate most of the assets of thousands of tiny files (meshes, textures, etc) into a single large file so that it’s not wasting so much disk space, and also dosen’t take forever to install and uninstall the client from your PC. they finally added more functions to your nametag menu, which was something I suggested like 4 years ago.

The biggest problem I’m having now with is connection lag. Every 20-30 minutes everything stops.  Other avatars stop moving, chatting, and voice chatting.  I can still get up and walk around, but everyone is frozen.  People have told me they can still hear me when I’m using voice chat or typing, but I see nothing back from them.  Then after being in a sort of semi-limbo for about 2-5 minutes, everything dissapears, and reappears again slowly like I just re-logged in.  Not a big deal if this happens once.. but this happens like clockwork every 20-30 minutes.  This also occurs if I use a diffrent PC. Really hard to have any meaningful conversaions with anyone when everyone shuts up for 5 mins every 30 mins like clockwork.


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