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January 31, 2009

Fallout 3 DLC

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Operation Anchorage is merely okay.

The claim that it raises the level cap to 30 is bogus. I was already at level 20, and after downloading the DLC it’s still says I’m “max” at level 20. The experiance guage still shows “21” at the right side, but it’s been showing that long before I got the DLC. Apparently you have to be at 19 or below for the cap fix to work. Once you hit level 20, it seems to trigger a “max” flag and it’s locked down; which is complete bullshit.  Hopefully they can fix this soon, or at least with the next DLC.  Also the game play seems far too short, I did it in about 5 hours (or less) on hard difficulty, and you don’t need to know anything special to earn all 100 achievements points.  Just play the missions and you’ll get all the points.  There are 10 collectibles you can find, but since I already got all 100 points for the DLC, the collectibles are seemingly pointless to collect.  But there are new items you can get once you’re done with the DLC. There’s a ninja style stealth suit that makes you go invis like a Stealthboy, but you can use it all the time. A new power suit which seems just as useless as all the other power suits, except it can protect you from rads better.  The best is the Gause rifle, which has a zoom function and delts out a shit load of damage, especially headshots can kill with one shot (though that depends on your skills, level, and perks).

I also noticed that the “mysterious stranger” actually MISSED my target on numerous occasions, because he was in too close proximity to it; often standing right next to him but his gun would be over the targets head.. so he misses! Often when you see him show up, your target is guaranteed to be killed, but not in Operation Anchorage.

Further more the DLC plays completely diffrent from the regular game, and completely isolated from it.  I don’t think you can exit the DLC missions once you start, unless you reload an old save game.  You enter a VR chamber so you lose all your inventory. When you kill a down enemy you can NOT rummage though the corpse gathering items like you normally can; the bodies just vaporise.  All the normal things you see laying around you can interact with or pick up, it won’t let you. Instead you find these dispensers that refill your heath, and ammo (but not all weapons will refill).  I felt like I was playing any other shooter game in the past few years.  I was expecting a lot more for my $10, especially unlocking the level 20 cap that didn’t work!

I still haven’t finnished the main storyline in Fallout 3.  I plan on replaying the game again, since there are at least a half dozen achevements I can’t get anymore now that I hit the level 20 cap.  But there are a lot of sinarios that I’d like to redo diffrently to see how it works out.

For example, having the Ghouls take over Tenpenny Tower can happen a couple different ways.  Problem was I still couldn’t get down past the basement to let the feral ghouls run into the building and terrorize the tenpenny tenants.  So instead I took the diplomatic approach to get them accepted into the tower.  However once they move in, your character talks about a room full of dead bodies the ghouls killed and piled them into that room, which I never been able to see yet since I’ve not been able to open that fucking door!  I’m also wondering if I let the ghouls move into tenpenny tower, if that allows me to own that pent house, with out nuking Megaton?  Hmmm, it’s things like this that make you wanna replay it.

Despite the games problems, the game is still extremely compelling. Even if it weren’t for the achevements you still have a lot of replay value to see how plot lines would play out. There’s apparently 3 diffrent ending sinarios depending on your karma level at the time when it ends. Which may also play out diffrently if you’re playing male or female, so a possible 6 diffrent endings?


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  1. Operation Anchorage doesn’t raise the level cap – The Broken Steel DLC which is coming out in a few months does. Aparently not only will it extend the main game and raise the level cap, but will be flush with new gear and hopefully, will allow you to wander around completing side stuff after the second end game. Good take on the DLC though, I agreed with a lot of what you said.

    Comment by gunner4991 — February 6, 2009 @ 7:42 am

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