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January 18, 2009

Obama Overload

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I’m getting really tired of the hype surrounding Obama’s Inauguration. I feel they are putting way to much pressure upon Obama even before he actually enters office, which I know people will end up really upset if he chooses to do something that is not popular. If anyone else was going to be the 44th president, Hollywood and the media wouldn’t put so much effort into the hype into the next president. Is it really because he’s the first Black to be elected? Are we Americans really that backwards racists to put so much focus on the color of his skin and not who the man is?

Let me make this clear, I voted for Obama, and I’m also a registered Republican voter.  I voted for Bush in the 2000 campaign but I voted for Kerry in 2004, and of course Obama last year. I’m extremely happy that Obama won, but for fucks sakes, they are placing Obama on a pedestal so damn high you’ll need the fucking Hubble telescope to see him. The media at large (all typical Hollywood liberal democrats) are regarding Obama as the next messiah who will magically fix this mess that the last administration left us in.

As I type this, I’m watching HBO having Obama’s Inaugural Celebration, an overly stuffed show of top stars and performers gone completely apeshit introducing celebrity after celebrity every three minutes at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC (on a side note, it seems funny seeing the Lincoln Memorial since I’ve been playing Fallout 3 for the past month).  Anyway, the point is that if anyone but Obama won the election nothing like this would be even considered. No hype, no parade of celebrities, no endless bullshit.  Hell if Hillary won, they wouldn’t be doing this, along with all the hype that’s been going on since the night of the election last year.

So is it really all because that Obama is (arguably) a black man? Are we, as an apparently color blind society, supposed to look past this superficial fact? I mean you rarely hear anyone mention the fact he is a black man; perhaps once or twice on Leno.  However I find this overly disturbing on many fronts.  Obama is seen as the next Messiah as if he will magically fix everything that’s wrong with America, placing him so high on a pedestal that everyone will be MORE disappointed and upset than we were with the Bush administration when eventually Obama administration does fail at something or cause some sort of controversy.

Secondly there’s so much of this silent emphasis that he’s the first black president.  Sure that’s great, I have no problem with the fact he’s black (or any racial background for that matter; I’m Hispanic my self) but this dosen’t automatically make him a better person for president; indifferent from the fact he is better person, but him being a black person isn’t why.  After all there are plenty of black people who are complete douche bags in this world.  If we truly have gotten over our racial tendencies, then the fact Obama belongs to a so-called “minority” we should be completely indifferent to that, like the fact that Hillary is a woman, and McCain is an old white man.

If I was Obama, I’d feel incredibly embarrassed. Even he himself has said that the times a head will be difficult, and things might not work out as we want to and we will have to make sacrifices. So Obama has a much more realistic approach to what lies ahead, but the media certainly dosen’t; as if the media ever did.  Mass media is all about hype, ratings and making money.  The fact that this inaugural celebration is on HBO means they are making money off of this. But then again I don’t think all of these celebrities are being paid to perform in this; there are WAY too many celebrities for HBO to pay them to perform.  I haven’t noticed if yet if any of this is being done for charity, as HBO has not mentioned if it is and I’ve been watching this for about an hour now.

Anyway, I’m happy Obama will be president, and I’m happy to see the world at large is excited to see him coming into power after the fiasco the last administration was.  It does help all of us that we are in better morale for our country, if not the entire world. But come on! This is getting too much.


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