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January 10, 2009

Windows 7 beta

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Yep I got it, and installed it and first impression is…. It’s vista v1.5

But it has a Linux feel to it where every user has thier own folder on the hard drive that everything comes from. There is no direct access to the “root” of the hard drive, at least not from Windows Explorer.  You can still drop into cmd commands line and use good old DOS commands to navigate around. Suprisingly there’s not much sitting in the root when you do a directory list.    Intresting.

All users are given a basic set of folders to save typical stuff, movies/videos, music, images, and everything else ends up in “downloads.”

First thing I tried to do is run Second life.  No go, the viewer complained that the drivers were bad or not installed. But considering that Win7 started up with the Areo desktop, I’m quite sure that it’s not running genertic VGA drivers.  Problem is I haven’t figured out where to go in Win7 to check out my hardware settings, and see what it’s using for drivers, if any.  I’m also assuming that since Second Life is a OpenGL software, Win7 beta didn’t come with that installed (nor any widely used 3rd party apps like Flash or quicktime)

So I’m going to attempt to install the 64-bit vista drivers for my nvidia card (on my 2nd PC).  Wow! The installer I downloaded from nvidia actually shows “Widows 7 [64-bit] display drivers” even though I chose the vista 64-bit drivers from the website. But as most people know, nvidia (and ATI) use the same download file package that works with nearly all thier video cards. So the install worked just fine no obvious problems or error messages and it wants to reboot (though we were past needing to reboot our PCs?.. well it still happens in linux)

Hot damn Second Life viewer is running! Seem to run just fine.. but I really do hate it when the SL viewer assuming im a total noob and it pops up all these message about how to do shit I’ve known how to do for the past 5 years, and displays all these lame hud controls.  But it’s running just fine, as per-usual nothing weird yet.  Excpet that the top of the window, as well as the menu bar at the bottom is transparent so I can see the desktop behind it.  Keep in mind I didn’t bother diving into Windows Vista (except I did play with the beta years ago) so this might be all old-hat Aero stuff.

I’m also wondering if I need to install any chipset/motherboard drivers for Win7 yet everything seems to be runing fine and smooth. Sound works, ethernet worked right after the DVD install, so I’m assuming I don’t need to.  At least not until nvidia comes up with something new.

The install of Widows 7  (64bit) is over 12gb on your hard drive, with over 66,000 files and nearly 40,000 directories.  The DVD .iso you download is only 3.15gb so it does expain quite a bit.  The 32bit .ISO is slightly smaller at 2.34gb, and about 700mb difference.

I’m still lost as to where to find the common things I want to do to change things here and there.  Like where the hell is windows update so I can manually check my self? One of the things I’ve always hated about new versions of windows is once you’ve learned and gotten used to all the newaunces and esoteric settings, and locations on where to find things in the old version of windows… the new one totaly changes this around, while claiming at the same time that “it’s easier and more user friendly” than previous versions.


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