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December 1, 2008

Change…. still waiting.

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With all this talk of change in this last election; has there REALLY been any change at all? I mean are we better off since FDR who I believe started this “change?”  This “change” mantra has been going on long before any of us were born, including McCain and Obama.

Regardless who’s in office, there’s always a scandal (or a hundred), there’s always some sort of military action (if not a war), there’s always some bill enacted/vetoed by the president that’s a huge controversy. There’s always some negative view towards the president no matter how minor, or major the issue really was. It’s usually only after the administration had left office is when you hear any of the GOOD things that occurred during their administration (like a eulogy), regardless if it’s an act of the president’s administration or not.

Americans always dwell on the negative bullshit that surrounds any and every publicly held office administration (not just the president) reguardless as to how important or impacting the issue is, for as long as Americans can remember. Everyone in American (or at least the media) wants a constant scandal from nearly all publicly held offices.

The change isn’t going to happen any time soon until our mass media, and we ourselves GET OVER this nitpicking at all the meaningless bullshit that might be said or done in any public office… Except for comedic entertainment purposes.



  1. The United States stimulus package will come to a total amount of some where around 800 Billion Dollars. There is a simple solution to how this money should be used. And ANY questions you may ask are simple to answer. And no matter what is done there is going to be a small group of people that will loose out, in one way or another. But this solution is the most sold and quickest. The Government has not gone this way. I have to believe in some back room they have talked about it. But it does not benefit all the “Money people” that it seems this payoff is for. This aside, let me explain. Our country is in finical peril because of one major problem. We are 800 Billion Dollars in Credit Debt. For a while we were not only living off our paycheck but the money we borrowed from the Credit Companies. The BANKS. Now we are maxed out. And the only thing we can spend our money on is paying back the over bloated credit debt. As you know no money to spend no economy. THE FIX. Pay off the national credit dept. Period. I am not proposing it be a free ride to the people that got into this mess. As we are all responsible in one way or another. What will it do? Well first the banks get 800 Billion dollars. Banking finance issues taken care of. And, the fear of having to nationalize the banking institution goes away. Every person that takes the deal, every individual will decide if it is for them or not, will have there credit debt wiped out. At this point for it to work, they can not get a credit card for at least 7 year. They can’t, and if some bank gives them one they (the banks) are in violation and they basically gave money away. It would be basically be illegal and unethical. Only credit card you could get within those 7 years would be a secured credit card. (a form of savings, further helping the banking instution) This prevents the bailed out individual from moving their freed up money back into credit debt. Hopefully this will also give the country 7 years to figure out how to prevent people and this country from getting back into this situation. This immediate clearing of debt will immediately cause an up swing to the economy. Let’s say on the average that you now have freed up $1,000 a month that was going to the credit company (the BANK). Now, you might be able to afford a car that you and I have been holding back on buying for a while. Now you can buy one. Just bailed out the auto industry. Car sales will go through the roof. You might take your family out to dinner more often now that you have the free up cash. Or do some shopping that you could not before. These are for the most part cash transactions. Business will now start to boom. Money is freed up. This is an exponential process. And more business means more jobs. Another fix. I will answer one question but understand all have an answer. What about the people that don’t use there credit card.
    Have money in the bank and live a simple life. First, I said some people will loose out. But having nothing to loose because you have stayed so secure is better then loosing your home or job. And speaking of your home, the mortgage you could not afford and possible foreclosure on the horizon. That extra money could hold you together. Keep you out of foreclosure or bankruptcy. And not being able to get a credit card means you either have to inject the cash back into the economy in the form of product purchasing or now you have money freed up to save. Another feather in the banking cap. Every state has their hand out for this money. They need to stop it. Taxes are already in place for road work and such. If the people in every state now have a substantial amount of cash available to them. Hey guess what, taxes will go up. They always do. Now they can afford to pay them. Hopefully in 7 years the banks, the government, and the people, united. Remember, united we stand divided we fall. United we will devise a plan to safeguard us from, being corrupted by easy money. By the banking institution that basically took advantage of us.
    ONE more thing. Not everyone in Debt is going to take this deal. Some people are living within their means. Business needs their credit card to operate. It will probably free up 200 Billion Dollars of the 800 billion. Inject that right into education. Create a secure INTRANET so our children do not have to worry about predators. And since the schools use the internet so much for a teaching too. It will keep the children away from improper web sites. This will allow the money to go directly to our most precious resource. Our children and our future. Another spin off, law enforcement can now re direct funds back into other needs since the children are now on a secure system.

    Comment by Chaz Maz — March 31, 2009 @ 6:07 am

  2. boy you do write a lot here. I wish you broke down your writings into more paragraphs.. makes it easier to read.

    there’s some rhetoric about the reason why we are in the financial mess is the policies Obama voted on while he was senator. There’s also talk about the policies of the Clinton administration that caused the investment value of T-bills to be piss poor. So investors started investing in mortgages which caused a huge demand for them. So the banks that lend the actual mortgage, started demanding mortgage brokers to start practically giving away mortgages to “anyone” which lead to risky “sub-prime loans” so they can sell them to fat-cat investors for quick profit. Around this time gas prices were though the roof too. These sub-prime mortgages defaulted, and that’s when mortgage market started eating it’s own ass. So then property values plummet. Rinse, repeat.

    Comment by hugsalot — March 31, 2009 @ 8:45 am

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