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November 25, 2008

Tgirl loving men aren’t necessarily gay!

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I was reading an article today that I found while randomly browsing, and it talks about something I find my self explaining to people all the time. Men who are attracted to shemales aren’t gay, but the perception, even by men who are attracted to shemales think they might be.

If you’re male, and you’re attracted to a beautiful female’s appearance, then that makes you a heterosexual male. If you’re male and you’re attracted to a handsome male’s appearance, then you’re homosexual.  Having a penis or not isn’t real issue here, since it’s not like these people walk around nude all the time (unless you’re in Second Life!). So your inital attraction to anyone is their appearance, not what may or may not be between their legs.

But at the same time it’s still a type of sexual orientation, or sexual prefrence. Since not all men like the idea of a woman with a penis, and perhaps vice versa. Sexual orientation is not strait forward as most people think (or want to think). In fact it seems like most people belive that alternate sexual ortientations (other than strait) is just a temporary problem in society, and think if they ignore it, and contine to deny them thier civil rights (like Prop 8 passing in California) that they will eventually go away.  As if homosexuality is a new thing, like a desease or a fad, that will eventually go away when dealt with, or ignored.

Anyway give this article a read, and be sure to read the link in this artile called Deciphering Tranny Lovers that the first article is refering too.


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