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November 19, 2008

Avatars are here

Filed under: Gaming!, Second Life Shit! — Hugsie @ 7:03 am

The new dashboard update for our 360’s is finally here, after all the hype since E3. I’ve not used it enough to really make an opinion on it, but so far it’s positive. The quicklaunch I like best since I get to what I want to do with out flipping around to diffrent pages and sections. The media seem to be completely lost as to what this all about.  In fact they are very clueless about the gaming community at large, asside from those pop-cap and solitare moms.

I was up late last night into the morning, and I noticed my Xbox 360 dissconnected from XBL.  I didn’t think nothing of it since that happens often, no big deal. So later I try to get back online and, oh shit it wants to update! I acctually FORGOT it was happening, I thought it was a week away in my mind.

So before I updated, I goggled about the update real fast.  I found this uk based site, that has absolutly no clue about gaming at ALL. From PC gaming, or consoles. The article talks about how the Xbox is not entering “Virtual Worlds” as if another Second Life.  They even talk about how Sony’s PS3 has “Home” as if it’s acctually been around for a while, when it has yet gone live.  Furthermore they talk about Nintendo Wii’s use of Mii characters, and how they apparently ALSO have a “virtual world” showing screenshots from the game “Animal Crossing.” How fucking STUPID are these people?

Typical old-media trying to sound hip and informative with a cluttered website, and being totally clueless so that what a virutal world is.  Gee I guess if you have anything called an “Avatar” oh you must be in a virtual world, laying dragons, and casting “magic missles.”


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