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October 28, 2008

Guitar Hero: World Tour

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I just got the game today, and my first impressions are rather good. I’ve not touched the vocals or drums yet. One of the first OH YES THEY READ MY MIND! additions to GHWT was they added an open-note strum. This is where you strum with out holding a fret button down. Anyone who’s ever played a real guitar knows that the strings do play a sort of “default” note when you don’t hold the strings down on the fret board.  It appears on screen like how the bass drum appears for drummers, a purple line.  However these open notes only apply to bass guitarists.

But it’s not like they didn’t add anything new for the lead guitarist.  There is now sustained notes where basically you play a long note followed by another note while still playing the first long note.  Perdy cool and some of them are hopo’ed. Though the tutorial says this only will be seen on Hard and Expert.

There’s also the new slider note stuff which is basically the same idea as how the “solo notes” work for Rock Band, when a solo sequence appears. And yes the solo buttons do work in GHWT but really no different than the normal buttons at the end of the neck.  Another “they read my mind” thing they did in GHWT was if you use the touch buttons and wiggle them on a long note, it acts like string bending on real guitar.. awesome. Makes me want to go get the new guitar.  Hopefully the newer guitar is compatible with Rock Band, and older GH titles. Also another thing they borrowed from RB is you can still earn star power when you’re using it.  In past GH’s if you have star power deployed any up coming star power phrases will just be normal notes.  Now you can earn while you burn!

Now for some of the bad points.  I’ve only played the first couple sets of “gigs” and about half the songs I don so far I already played in Rock Band 1/2.  The VERY first song, “Livin’ on a Prayer” starts out exactly the same as it does on Rock Band.

Also for some reason practice mode didn’t work the first time I tired it, but after restarting the game it works fine. Also while playing the songs, even familiar ones that are in RB, the game felt rather dull and unexiting.  You don’t hear the crowd cheering you on, there’s BARELY any sound effects when you earn star power nor when your deploy it.  Also there’s very little eye candy going on either.. which is probably good so you don’t get distracted and miss a note.  But still it feels really FLAT, and doesn’t sound any better than just playing an MP3 of the same song.  Also Rock Band has added a “crowd singalong” on most of the songs where you can hear the sing along with the song, which is really fucking awesome.  But so far im not getting that same awesome feeling as I have with past versions of this game.

As for the drums, im not sure exactly how this is going to work when the game has 5 colored note tracks, PLUS the kick bass pedal, when my old RB drums only have 4 pads, and a kick pedal.  I can see it working with the new RB drums set with two symbols added on which cost extra, but not with my old rock band drum kit.


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