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October 22, 2008

So you want to open yet another TS Club?

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Honestly there’s too many of them.  There’s only a handful of popular shemale/TS clubs that are active. I’m not referring to groups, I’m talking about physical locations in SL that have a place to hang out, dance, have sex, and so on.  Places like Shemale Sex Palace/Garden, Sanctuary, Forced Fem University, and so on.

The biggest problem I have with most of these places is they have a dress code.  Places like Twisted Shemales I’ll NEVER go to again because of their stupid rules.  I can’t even go there with my penis hang out of my skirt with out getting shit from those people.  Just because my cock shows though my outfit doesn’t mean their establishment will LOSE money. In fact if they didn’t have a dress code, and I became a regular there, their business might actually improve more than it already has. If it has. They only allow their dancers to be nude, and that only AFTER they have tipped enough money to do so.  That just smells of money greed and is a turn off for anyone.

Seriously, if we are indeed at a place to meet transgendered then why do we have to hide our most prevalent attribute? Shouldn’t that be a choice of each individual and not some overbearing rule that some egotistical money-mongering (often) MALE club owner made? You might as well cut off your cock, and be some mundane female working at some generic strip club, which are far too common on the SL grid, so we NEED to be unique in this virtual world, not copy something that’s been done umpteen million times.

I don’t claim to know everything, and I don’t claim to know how to run a perfect club that will make a lot of money for the club owners and workers.  But I do know what I like about some clubs, and hate about other clubs.

Here’s a list of my own pet-peevs about clubs and other hangouts.

  • Forcing a dress code (except perhaps ban male noobs with boners)
  • Not letting everyone use dance poles (for tips), if they are not in their group.
  • Owners who regard other establishments as their competition, and behave offensively towards them.
  • Owners who force their “employees” to be loyal to the establishment, and threaten to fire/ban them when they are on their own time vising other places.
  • Having a posted sign price list for when your dancers will strip nude. Be more original please! Let your dancers develop their own style of seduction and teasing, rather than copy what everyone else does.
  • If you have escorts, let the escorts set their own prices, and don’t make them pay a cut to you of their earnings. They pay you though sign rentals.
  • Don’t take huge cuts from tip jars
  • Don’t make it cumbersome to get to the club area; having to walk though a huge mall sucks!
  • Don’t nickel and dime patrons for joining groups, or having access to “special rooms”
  • Don’t give out “VIP” group roles to every noob that walks into the club. They aren’t important people.
  • Keep the public free sex areas a good distance away from the club/lounge area. Keep the lame cybersex chat out of range from the people who are just relaxing.
  • Don’t be absent all the time from your establishment.  If the owners can’t be hosts to greet everyone and deal with griefers and other problems; HIRE someone to do so.
  • Host events from time to time, otherwise your place just ends up a ghost town, or worse a place where people are anti-social and resort to IMs, resulting in an area full of people just standing around quietly like statues which attracts people to your place who lack any social skills.
  • Don’t build over elaborate buildings that take forever to rez. Some places can be so elaborate that it seems claustrophobic to walk around in.  Simpler is always better, like large boxed areas work fine.
  • Don’t use crap items in your establishment.  Like dance poles that use “belly dancer” animation that everyone already has seen for the past 5 years in SL. Get some decent stuff for what you can afford
  • Do not try elaborate schemes and ideas for your establishment to make money.  Just start simple and build up from there.  Too much will discourage patrons, and any potential employees.
  • K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple, Stupid.
  • DO NOT MAKE ALTS TO INFLATE YOUR TRAFFIC NUMBERS.  I’m SICK and tired of people gaming the system using a dozen alts camping up in a sky box 700m in the sky to increase their traffic count.
  • That said, don’t resort to money camping either to raise your traffic.  It’s cheating and fucks up the economy when vendors are lured to believe you have good traffic numbers for them to rent a spot in your over sized shopping mall.
  • If you are going to have a shopping mall, and you’re a new establishment, don’t make it over sized. Start small and let it grow as the demand goes up (if at all).
  • If you do have a shopping area, take the effort to find some unique vendors. I’m tired of seeing the same vendors in every mall I pass by offering the same old stuff.
  • Try not to be mean too noobs because they are noobs.  Give them the benefit of the doubt they aren’t morons, and help the as best as you can.  If they still can’t figure out the simplest of things, then they are morons and should be treated as such.
  • Just because a user has no payment info on file doesn’t mean they are broke, same with noobs. But even if they admit they have no money is no reason to act like an asshole towards them since they can STILL be potential customers and a source of money for your establishment later on.
  • As long as they are nice don’t be a douche-bag towards noobs, and moneyless avis. If they don’t like you and your establishment they will never come back when they DO have money.
  • I hate club owners who bitch at their workers for not being AT their establishment when there might be people there hanging around. Why don’t YOU (the owners) entertain your guests for once?


  1. Oh ….. what I read is a very nice style of the author. Thank you for your candid article.

    Comment by shemale portal — February 5, 2009 @ 12:01 pm

  2. This whole article is a joke,can you be a bigger windbag?Why dont you just say clubs aka ones dont let you have full control are ones you hate.See you latched back on to wendys was the free skybox the kicker?Vauldon boot you from his place because he woke up saw you for the leech you are?Seriously you know shit about Rl Transexuals your rip off cock hanging out dress in sl proves you dont so save it!Most don’t want the damn cock on them to begin with,Yet you go around acting like your the voice of transgender in Sl with your bad midget Av and free dick you ripped off Stroker.Your nothing but a leech and a stain in Sl enjoy:)

    Comment by Take A Guess Who — February 22, 2009 @ 1:46 am

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