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October 12, 2008

Same Sex Marragies

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Okay it’s time to get a little political tonight.

I’m getting really sick and tired of these homophobic retards behaving like ants when someone stomps on their trail. Beliving that schools and churches will be made to teach kids that boys can marry boys to 2nd Grade kids. Proposition 8 in California is supposed to define what marriage is in the state’s constitution. That’s going way overboard trying to amend the state’s constitution. Which is something that typical conservative christian republicans wouldn’t normally do, since they don’t like the idea of in make more laws, making more government, making the government control private individuals. But this is exactly what Prop 8 does. It’s practically hypocritical.

What exactly is being defined here? Are they trying to define “Marriage” or “Traditional Marriage?” There’s a huge difference with this, and all these political ads toss these two terms as if they are the same thing. They aren’t. Plus depending on how the proposition is worded, it’s like to create loopholes if they don’t define both terms.

What should be done is both sides should create a proposition that defines that each term means. Define “Marriage” as a union between two people, same sex or not, doesn’t matter.  Then in the same document define “Traditional Marriage” as a union between a man and a woman.  After that goes into effect then the homophobic churches can CHOOSE to adopt “Traditional Marriage” for their church (therefor denying same-sex marriages, which they already do anyway) and allow everybody else adopt the simple definition of “Marriage” and allow people to marry who they want, then everyone will be happy.  Problem solved.

Though I would recommend adding to the definition “Humans” to avoid anyone trying to marry a pig or a sheep, or something overly perverted.

But this whole homophobic agenda starts thousands of years ago when King Leviticus started laying out the law as if he was god. Actually if you read that part of the bible Leviticus is being told by Moses; not God. So this is all 3rd hand information when Leviticus says this to us in the Bible.  Is Leviticus even considered a profit, was he ever considered to be someone who spoke to god (both ways) as a profit does?  He was just a king at the time, laying down the law for what he thought was sacred land of Jerusalem.  He was simply laying down the law to have clean Jerusalem to please God.  He doesn’t say this applies to the whole world. However, guess what?  Most of us don’t live in Jerusalem and Leviticus has been dead for a couple thousands years.

A lot of the laws that Leviticus made usually involved death as a penalty or the sacrifice of an animal the sinner has.  Considering how everyone back then had live stock (and most 3rd world countries villages are like this too) this is a considerable sacrifice.  The animal sacrificing, but it sounds more like a BBQ, since the smell of the cooking flesh is supposed to appeal God. Like God needs to huff BBQ smoke with no BBQ sauce and seasonings?  Bleah.  None of this pleases God, he could care less since he’s non-corporal he can’t smell anything, this stuff pleases Leviticus and his underlings.

A lot of Leviticus sounds more like ancient south American (Aztechs, Myans), or druid/pagan rituals killing goats, and painting the blood of the dead goat on the alter, really crazy shit like this.  How can people now a-days focus so much on Leviticus 18:22, and 20:13 which are SINGLE sentences compared to the full text of chapters 18, and 20.  Leviticus lists out a bunch of “do nots” yet most modern people seem to ignore all of these so-called rules, yet still STICK to these two sentences in the book of Leviticus about men having sex.  People still like to fuck animals, even Leviticus thinks that’s bad, but people still do it.  Having sex with a married woman is bad, having sex with a woman on her period is bad, and if you do this you will no longer be a member of this land and you will be kicked out, or killed.

My point is that Leviticus was a douche-bag with a cause.  The claimed he was speaking on the behalf of God, but he was actually speaking to Moses who actually has spokes with God.  After all he was a King and everyone is forced to obey what a King says and wants.  If he says he speaks the word of God no one will argue that, unless they want to commit suicide.  But if anyone today claims they speak the word of God in the LITERAL sense (not just a preacher or bible thumper) they would be considered crazy, and locked in a padded cell.

Leviticus wanted his land to be clean and pure for God. And he laid out the laws that determine what makes the land pure and un-pure.  Leviticus is long dead, and rest of the world doesn’t LIVE in this “sacred land” that he ruled over.  Isn’t it a fucking war zone there now? So much for keeping the land clean.  So why should these rules apply to anyone else?

Also the bible it self is inherently flawed. It’s been translated into zillions of different languages over the past several hundred years.  Some versions omit some passages and other don’t.  God may be flawless but we certainly are, and the bible is flawed, since no human is perfect.  And it’s not hard to find the bullshit.

So vote no on Prop 8.

In fact vote NO on all the propositions in California since most of then want to get a zillion dollar BOND to pay for whatever project they want to fund, but economy has gone to shit.  The stock market is crashing all around the world, the value of the US Dollar is down the toilet, and Bonds are losing money too.  Seriously, I have a $100 savings bond from four years ago, and if you check online it’s now valued at about $65!  WTF?  These projects will FAIL because these bonds will NOT pay out enough (if at all) so vote no on them, and let them redo them then the economy recovers.



  1. I resent being labeled a homophobic retard. I can understand frustration on the issue, especially since there is much talk of “rights”. It is fairly well known that civil unions are legally required to be given the same rights are marriage in California. If this is the case, why then have marriage and civil unions? I believe, and the reason I am voting yes on Proposition 8, is because a civil union is about two people who wish to unite their lives while marriage is about the start of a family. Marriage is the state recognized ideal of the basis of a family. This does not mean that only those who are married should be allowed to have families, but rather that the ideal taught to children should be two adults of opposite sex. It would be very difficult to find a child development specialist that would argue that two loving men or two loving women are better for the development of a child than a loving man and women. In fact I think it would be very easy to have them argue the opposite.

    Proposition 8 does not remove any legal right from a homosexual couple while preserving the ideal family as being based on the marriage between a man and a woman.

    Comment by mageos — October 12, 2008 @ 11:45 pm

  2. Uh.. Mageos… who’s ‘ideal’ family?? Were YOU raised by same-sex parents? Have you talked to anyone who has?

    I personally was raised by a man and a woman, but – they were never married. The quality of a family has to do with Love, plain and simple, not who’s married to who or what gender they are. Marriage, literally, is a legality and a piece of paper and a prenup. Spiritually and emotionally, it’s the commitment of two people to witness each other, and be true to the other in all they choose to be. Straight or homosexual, red, yellow, black, white, man or woman.
    There was a time when marriage between blacks and whites was thought abhorrent… Now, it’s commonplace. I wonder how long it will take for homosexuality to loose it’s media appeal and we’ll move on to ANOTHER form of discrimination.

    Teaching children that people of the same gender can be in love is not wrong, in fact, if these children were raised in such a family, they will have been exposed to that since the day they were born, as well as being a recipient of their parental love. If someone has an issue with same-sex marriages, they have EVERY RIGHT to ‘protect’ their children from that which they presume to be offensive, but ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT to prohibit people who think differently from marrying whom they will and raising a family with that person.

    BEING a Christian, and a happily open-minded one, I DO agree with Hugsies that the bible is no longer a book that can be taken LITERALLY. It is a guide, an mental and emotional and spiritual folio of support for a deep and personal religion, one that has gone down many wrong (and right) roads and been profiled into too many different factions to count.

    Facts are:
    -God loves EVERYTHING He has made – gays and lesbians alike.
    -God wants us to be happy – that’s why he made the world so full of different things – He knows we are all different in our tastes and preferences and He PREPARED for that.
    -People are going to KEEP FALLING IN LOVE – and getting married, and finding ways around the laws and restrictions other paranoid and close-minded people have set up to preserve a dying, tightly-contained way of life that spawns more paranoid, supersticious, and hateful people.
    -There will always be blogs to post in and get good reactions, just for the hell of it, and folks will ALWAYS find something to bitch about.

    Not trying to boil the pot, I understand the sensitivity of this issue. However, I can never resist throwing in my 2 cents worth on this type of subject.

    Comment by C. Aluveaux — February 2, 2009 @ 10:41 am

  3. BTW, Hugsies.. it’s ‘prophet’.. profit is $$!

    Comment by C. Aluveaux — February 2, 2009 @ 10:53 am

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