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October 1, 2008

Dropped Chrome

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I switched back to Firefox which just functions a lot better.  Chrome had rock solid stability, but the actual functionality of it was annoying.  Every time I downloaded a video from Revsion3, it would add an extra “.avi” extension to the file that already HAS an “.avi” extension, and it would save the file where I didn’t want it.  Firefox has this ability to know that I want my video downloads to go into \my documents\my videos folder. And other files I DL in FF just go strait to \my documents.   Chrome would just dump everything into \My Documents which isn’t a folder I have shared for sharing media files with my Xbox 360, and the other computers in the house.

Also I fucking HATE the download manager.  For a web browser that prides it self in running with separate instances between tabs, if you forget you’re downloading stuff and you close out Chrome, you stop downloading, and you must START OVER.  When I close FireFox it dosen’t close the downloads window, which that runs as a totally separate instance.

Application support is fucking annoying.  If I launch a url that links to a spcific app, I have to go though a bunch of dialogs to get the application to launch.  With Firefox, it’s just one click and go.

I also get my bookmarks back on the left side of my screen. yay


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