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September 29, 2008


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Update: There won’t be a dashboard system update to our 360’s after this XBL down time, but it is a preparation for it, but our Xbox’s will not be updated till later this fall.

Today Xbox Live is offline for entire day, while they update everything, and soon our Xbox 360’s will be updated with the new system dashboard update that might turn our beloved Xbox 360’s into Wii’s.  This is your last day to enjoy how your 360 runs and operates.

Another shitty thing is watching any videos or movies you may have that are encoded with mpeg4. The codec that was introduced almost a year ago requires you to be online Xbox live for the codec to acctually work. Lame.

Things we can look forward too but will probably never use:

  1. Avatars.  This is still a gimic, and most games play already have thier own main character.  My Rock Band chick is hawt. If I wanted avatars I’d play Second Life.  Oh wait….
  2. Netflix. Something else I’ll never use.  They talked about how you can “share” a movie with your friends over xbox live, but everyone has to be a netflix subscriber to even watch a “shared” movie. So what’s the point then? What do you think Bit Torrent is for?
  3. New dashboard. Microsoft will also be “borrowing” from Apple giving you a page-flipping type interface replacing the “blades” we got so used to. Hopefully this will help in nagivating the HUGE massive library on Xbox Live, and marketplace. The biggest problem is acctually finding stuff you’re intrested in with the current interface.  So little room, big text that takes forever to scroll down so you can read the whole discription.
  4. I hope I don’t brick!  No doubt some people’s Xbox’s will brick for no reason after the update. So don’t mod your Xbox! Thank gawd I bought a service contract for my 360 which has been a gawd-send since my units have RRoD’ed three times, plus an optical disc failure too.

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