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September 27, 2008

Rock Band 2 still rocking!

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I just discovered something cool with my new Rock Band 2 Guitar.  I was trying to plug in my headset into the guitar, but the jack at the bottom of the guitar (if you’re right handed) I found was too large for the headset jack. So it turns out that this larger jack is for expansion peripherals like the new RB2 drum set has. After finding the headset jack on my guitar, I was still wondering what is this connector jack for then?  I looked at the jack, and then looked over at my drum set (i still have the original drum set) and I looked at the bass drum pedal’s connector. The kick drum pedal FITS into the guitar’s expansion jack!  So I fired up a song, and wanted to see what it did.  It doesn’t whammy long notes, but once you get enough overdrive power it will activate overdrive!  woot!  Something I’ve been wanting since Guitar Hero 2.

Problem is, the cord on this is way too short, and it often will pull out when you’re standing.  You can probably over stretch the coiled cable to help overcome this, but it’s easier to just sit down with the guitar with the pedal under your foot.  It’s also a simple ½inch jack you can probably use an extension cable on.

Also the Fender head stalk is removable now on the new RB2 guitar. Has a little button to unlock it so you can pull it off. The original RB2 fenders weren’t easily removed.  Not like it really does anything, and I’m not even sure why it was detachable on the original RB guitars.  It only saves about 6 inches in length for the box to be shipped in.  But then again the GH3 Les Paul has a detachable neck, which comes detached when you get it new, but the retail box you buy it in is still a yard long.  So go fig.

I also just did the Bachman Turner Award Achievement in RB2, this is the one where you keep overdrive burning for 90 seconds. I thought this was going to be a hard achievement to do but it’s not. You do need two people in your band, so it can’t be done solo.  It can be done over XBL and it doesn’t matter what difficulty players use, but you do need to hit all the overdrive phrases, so you might want to do this on hard or medium.  With a guitarist and a bass player with the song “Dani California” play the song till you’re both filled with overdrive power and then have one activate it and each player alternates deploying their overdrive overlapping each others overdrive. You must overlap your overdrive or it breaks the clock to zero, so keep an eye on your partner’s overdrive meter so you’ll know when to activate yours.  The only problem is you won’t know if you did the 90 seconds untill the song is over; unless you had someone keep track with a stopwatch or something.  It’s not one of those instant achievements that pop up the monent you do it.

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  1. ty soo much i was always wonted to know what that was for!!!!!!

    Comment by Chris — December 4, 2009 @ 1:22 pm

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