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September 20, 2008

Spore a bit of a bore

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I’ve only got into the first couple stages, but by the time I got into the 2nd part of it, it felt like I was playing a simple verison of WoW (or any other MMO). All you do is go around and either make friends with other species or kill then and eat them, while also exploring and finding “bones” to collect more “parts” for the next time you mate.  When dealing with other species, you click on a target, choose either to be friendly or aggressive, and then tap number keys 1-4 to do whatever attack/gesture you need to do.  It’s just like doing attacks on a typical MMO, with out the online part of it.  How is this original? its boring for someone who’s been doing this for the past 5 years already.

All of this get’s rather monotmus, but the exploring is a bit intresting. Hopefully when I start cvilizations it will get more intresting, and then turn into somrthing like SimCity; for which I never cared to get into.

Will Wright did a lot of research about animals, evolution, and all kinds of shit that I think was pointless, becuase none of it really appears in game. This game boils down to some very simple basic gaming gimics that really have nothing to do with evolutuon, or about nature.  If you’re a creationist wack-job you shouldn’t be offended by this game because of it’s loose notion of evolutiuon, when the game play is about the player making choices as to how the creature improves and changes from generation to generation.

All you’re really doing is like in any MMO, is gaining experience to be spent on better stuff.  Typical RPG MMO type stuff.  Nothing new here, in fact most of the time there’s little exciting going on while you’re playing.  This is probably why the game lets you skip a head to other parts with out having to grind for more experience points (DNA points they call it.. same fucking thing.) just to get to the next stage and start all over again.

I’ll keep playing it from time to time but I dunno if I’ll grind though the whole game starting from the beginning.  I’ll likely skip to the diffrent stages.  There are some “cool” moments but it’s not anything you care to see more than a few times.


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