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September 17, 2008

RB2 Rocks my shit

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Okay never mind about what I thought I didn’t like about RB2.  It’s FUCKING AWESOME! Tour mode, and challenge modes are fun.  Yes you do tend to replay the same songs still but holey shit it’s fun.

If you’ve not done the drum trainer, DO IT!  For the love of life try it, you’ll be AMAZED how you’ll get into groves and attempt to speed it up and learning all sorts of paters and rhythms that will help you play an actual song.  So far the best song for me is “Livin’ on a Prayer” starting on medium, rocking the hell out of it. Advancing to Hard, loving it, and then Expert and rocking the shit! woot! \m/

I understand why they did a drum trainer first before a guitar trainer.  Drums are still new, and we’ve been playing guitar since Guitar Hero back almost 3 years ago.  I still hope they create a guitar trainer similar to the drum trainer.  I could use something like that since I still have problems doing up and down strumming on a long string of repeated notes (like eye of the Tiger, Orange Crush). Super fast solos still kill me.  Also I seem to spaz on simple fast three-strum phrases that start out with two normal notes and end on a chord (like “More than a Feeling” in the chorus). I’m at the point where I can attempt any new song on expert with confidence, but some things still whack me out.  Like “One Step Closer” has some WEIRD funky patterns I can barely get my head around, and yet it’s in the first difficulty tier… go fig.


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