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September 14, 2008

OMFG HoPo Chords!

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If you aren’t into music games, then you won’t understand the title of this post.  So move along… however if you do understand what a “hopo” is, yeah it’s WEIRD but it works as you think it does. But I’ve yet to see a string of chord hopos in succession making you stroke your guitar with two fingers up and down the fret buttons… I’m waiting for that!   BTW I’ve had Guitar Hero Areosmith, and in one of the last songs it has a four note chord!  No shit!

Anyway I digress..
RockBand 2 is here (except my new RB2 guitar damnit) and it’s great.  The only thing I miss is the actual normal solo career mode that’s been around since the original Guitar Hero.  All that really let you do is go down the list of new songs.  In RB2 you do Tour mode, and are forced to replay the same old songs in hopes you’ll come across a gig that lists a new song you haven’t played… if you can even TELL since you’ll have a shit ton of songs already from RB1 and DLC.

Here’s the problem I’m having with this.  I feel like I’m playing old Rock Band, and guess what?  I am.  First thing we did was get that exporter function to export (most) of the songs from RB1 so that they can be played in RB2, plus all of the 50+ DLC songs I have and played to death will load up in RB2.  Thank GAWD RB2 has a decent way of dealing with huge song lists!

So we basically have to replay the same fucking songs over and over and over and over just to get an occasional new song from a long lists of venues and gigs you have to sift through that tour mode has in RB. I really DO miss the simple career mode that the past games have, since you can SEE what new songs there are with out having to dig tough a fuckton of menus.

Also where’s the fucking “jukebox” function I kept hearing about?  I read once that you can set RB2 to just play the songs you have in your library, and the game will play out a full band on stage playing your songs with out the fret boards cluttering your view.

Also there’s 20 songs that we are getting via download.. but apparently they aren’t available, after all if the were they would be on the game disc.  Apparently when this is released for the PS3 these 20 songs will already be on that version.  But then again PS3 uses Bluray discs so they can hold a lot more songs, where as the Xbox/360 (and GameCube/Wii) is still using DVD formats.  And we have no idea what songs are on this list anyway.  So they are probably still editing those songs for the game, as well as getting licencing rights. You know the RIAAs gotta get thier cut from us dirty song downloaders.

One of the annoyances with RB1 was that you had to have an active gamertag signed into the controller you are using.  The only good thing about that was it was able to force your gamertag to log out of one controller so you can login to the one you’re using.

But today we kept swapping from Drum set, microphone, and diffrent guitars for various achievements we wanted to score on. Constantly we traded places to use whatever insturment controller we wanted to use. At one point a friend of mine was playing both Bass, vocal, and drums AT THE SAME TIME (all set on easy) and he acctually passed the song! Some achevemetns required the use of the RB stratocaster guitar, even though I play better on my wireless Les Paul for GH3.

RB2 lets anyone instantly drop into a band that’s being set up; no need for a gamertag at all for a local game. This caused problems since when we finnally got an achevement after all the hours and sweat (especially banging away at the drums) we realize our gamertag isn’t logged into the controller we are using.  Ah FUCK!! This is apparent when RB2 finnishs the song and no achevements appear, and even more so when you hit the dashboard button there is no gamertag name on the blade that appears.  D’oh!

It would be nice if maybe.. possibly.. RB2 could have some amount of sympathy and let us GIVE the achievement to a gamertag if the controller being used doesn’t have anyone logged into it? As long as it’s a gamer tag on the local machine.. not just anyone.

By the way.. the new Drum tutorials and rhythm practice sessions are fucking AMAZING.  They have a huge selection of different rhythm patterns and you can set your own tempo, and you can learn how to play the fucking drums.. you’ll be amazed!


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