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September 13, 2008

Finish out Rock Band

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Okay with RB2 coming out mañana, a friend of mine and I are going to attempt to finish out all career modes in RB1. Drums are a bitch but we found a way we can possibly play through them on expert and finish off drums career by having one person play the four drum pads, and the other use the kick pedal.

The bass drum kick pedal is by far the hardest thing to get your head around while paying drums. You literally have to grow a separate brain for your foot to play this, as you deal with the four drum pads to play. At least for us is seems that way. According to the game it’s one of the more important parts of the drum kit that the audience pays attention to in the game.  So the more often you miss the kick drum and the red drum pad, the more the crowd will dislike you.  Apparently missing notes on the other three pads isn’t as important.

Being able to ignore the kick pedal while playing the drums is like going back to medium difficulty.  Doing just the bass drum isn’t really simple, since some songs have some very rapid beats that can be hard to keep up with, and you can easily get tired.  I actually find it easier to just use my hands with the pedal on my lap and pressing down on it.  I joked to my friend as to how it felt like I was doing CPR.

We will probably do the same trick to get our drum characers as platium aritsts by playing the endless set list, and do the same with Rock Band 2 when it comes out tommarow. Rock on! \m/


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