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September 4, 2008


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Yeah I know everyone been talking bout Google’s new web browser; I like it too.  The one thing I’m not really keen on is how it handles bookmarks.  I’m so used to having a left pane window listing all my bookmarks (in collapsible tree form), so I can just click on what I wanna go to.  Chrome doesn’t have this, it has a “home page” that shows little thumbnails of the most recent sites you’ve been on (like Opera has), plus a bookmark tool bar at the top, and your full list of bookmarks from a drop-down menu at the top right.

That’s all fine and dandy, but once you go to a page all of that disappears. This forces you to click on the home button (if you have it enabled) just to see your bookmarks again.  Sure you can enable the bookmark toolbar to always be on, but I like the extra realistate at the top. Most pages never fill my screen side-by-side on my widescreen monitor, so I don’t mind having my bookmark list on the left side taking up screen space that’s not going to be used anyway.  I’m sure that can be implemented with some kina plug-in. I also don’t like the fact that if you close your last tab, it closes the entire application.

That’s really my only gripe with the UI that the creators at google have done.  My other issues are with web site compatibility glitches. Sometimes the text formatting on entry fields (like in forums) will format weird, and it will appear to be over-writing text when it’s not.  It doesn’t really seem to have a spell checker yet it puts red squiggly underlines on misspelled words, but right clicking them doesn’t bring up the spell check. Hotmail doesn’t know what to do with Chrome, so it throws up a page telling me to update my browser, but it runs just fine once you’re in your inbox.

One site I like to look at from time to time is a site that has some webcams watching Mount St. Helens. The java just dosen’t seem to work, and behaves as if java plug-in isn’t installed. Yet if you read the 30+ page “comic” about thier phiosophy of Chrome, they go into anal-details about how thier Java VM works, but it dosen’t seem to work here.

Yes it does render pages very fast, unless the page your on has a lot of 3rd party banner ads that load off-site so those tend to appear a bit slower, depending on how the page is laid out. The concept they have for Chrome is brilliant when it comes to memory management, virtualization, sandboxing and all that technical stuff. I’m sure it will set a new standard that firefox blazed the path for years ago. Rather than the vunrabilities glitches that IE set about a decade ago.

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