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August 30, 2008

Songs I want to see in Rock Band or Guitar Hero

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Since now both GH and RB are full-band games, these are some songs I would so LOVE to see in these games.

“Reason” by Hoobastank
“Cars” By Fear Factory w/ Gary Numan
“Crawling” By Linkin Park
“Whip It” By Devo
“The Reflex” by Duran Duran
“New Moon on Monday” by Duran Duran

Yeah I know “One Step Closer” will be in Rock Band 2 (SHUT UP WHEN I’M TALKING TO YOU!!) and there’s already some Duran Duran DLC for Rock Band, I DLed them and they are fucking HARD on guitar/expert. My biggest problem with those songs is that what I’m doing with the guitar dosen’t seem like it’s apart of the song, as if the guitar’s volume is potted down so much you barely hear it, and it feels so disconnected when I’m trying to play it.  It’s weird when you play Bass, or Drums you hear those notes louder than when you were playing it on guitar, or any other instrument you’re not using.  I don’t know if the game knows this and increases the volume for that track or if it’s just my brain filtering out everything else.


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  1. Shut It Down – MxPx
    All downhill from here – New found glory
    walking disaster – sum 41

    Comment by adam — September 4, 2008 @ 1:41 am

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