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August 9, 2008

Open Life Grid

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I spent some time on the Open Life Grid (OLG), and there are some basic problems that should be resolved. Once you figured out how to customize your body shape (it’s not apparent at first) they will NOT stay with you when you relog in. Once you log in again you’re “ruthed” even though it shows you’re wearing the body shape you created, it just isn’t loaded. You’ll have to load in another body shape and then switch back in order to see it properly.

Every time I login to OLG it thinks I’m wearing white pants, when I know for a fact I was nude when I logged out. The only thing it seems to remember after logout is my hairstyle. Also the default skin you get is actually not too bad looking when nude, you actually have nipples instead of a faint discolored spot you normally get on SL. You also get a belly button, but no genitalia is rendered, nor pubic hair.

I was able to replicate my avatar’s body shape from SL into OLG value for value by being logged into both running two instances of the viewer. It would be nice if there was an import/export of body shapes that just exported the raw numbers in a text file that could be easily loaded in. Considering that the technology of Linden Labs is now open source and so many other organizations are created their own virtual worlds now, this would be a nice thing to have.

One big problem I kept running into was my avatar would just VANISH when I’m trying to edit and adjust an object I have attached to my avatar. Apparently zooming into my avatar and passing the camera though my avatar results in the avatar just vanishing. Sometimes it may flicker back into view for a moment as you walk around, transmission into another sim, or pull your camera view far away my avatar will reappear off in the far distance. At first I though it was because of the viewer that OLG has available. But when using the Linden Labs Second Life official viewer on the Open Life Grid still had the same problems.

Attachments don’t remain on your avatar once you log off. In fact if you tried to edit any attached object on it, none of the changes you made will keep. It won’t even remember what attachment point you selected on your avatar. It always seems to default to your avatars left hand. If you resized it, changed color, or anything will be forgotten.

You’re also given a big lump sum of L$ I have 10,000L on me right now, but I could have sworn that when I first logged in I started with only 1000L. So maybe it they give you 9k after you’ve logged in a few more times? Also uploading assets is only 5L compared to doubled that on SL.

OLG has a different way of handling avatars and your account. When you create an account at OLG, you’re not creating your avatar login, you’re creating a master account for the OLG website. Once you have that set up, you can then create your avatar logins and passwords all under one master account, and it seems you can make as many avatars as you like. You can also type in your own last names for your avatars, instead of choosing last names from a small drop down list. So if you ever wanted to be a Linden, go for it! Though I’ve not actually tested if you CAN use “Linden” as a sir name; I’ve not seen anyone in OLG using it. I’m sure they filter out foul words for first and last names, but I’ve not bothered to test that.



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  1. Have only just now heard of ‘Open Life’. Reading your notice was helpful. Perhaps will run into you someday.



    Comment by Lovie — June 12, 2009 @ 5:48 am

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