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August 5, 2008

Lively by Google sucks!

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My gawd this is the most confusing environment I’ve ever had the misfortune to use. You’d think coming from the likes a Google that user friendliness would be paramount, and that it would have an intuitive user interface; nuh-uh, nope.

The window you get is EXTREMELY tiny and is NOT resizeable.  You can detach it into a small movable window that’s slightly smaller but it feels very cramped especially when you’re using the interface to edit your avatar’s apperance. The camera is hard to control and thats the biggest issue I have with this.  Sure SL’s camrea controls are hard to learn but once you DO learn it’s amazing and becomes second nature to use, like riding a bike.  This is so counter-intuitive it goes beyond frustrating.

When you first start your instinct is to press your arrow keys around and walk around, and you’ll soon lose your own avatar (assuming you’ve ever seen it in the first place) and gawd knows what the hell you’ll be looking at. But really all you want to do is move your avatar around and explore!  The arrow keys don’t control your avatar, it controls your camera view in a BACKWARDS manor. If you want to look up, you press down, if you want to look at things at your left, you have to press right. It’s designed by a bunch of dyslexics!  Plus you have to press a combination of CTRL, Alt, or SHIFT with the arrow keys to get different camera movements. What were these guys smoking when they developed these retarded controls?

To move your avatar you have to click and drag your avatar as if it was an icon on your desktop.  This is incredibly stupid since once you finally get the camera positioned just as you want it, click and dragging your avatar snaps the camera view back and away into a view that reminds me of playing really bad console games with static camera angles you have no control, like those annoying J-RPGs.  You have zero control of the camera, so when you move your avi far away it reposition it in a predetermined position.  And with the screen so small, and the bad angle you have no fucking idea what direction you’re going. But even when you get the hang of this, you realize there’s very little to explore.

Fortunately the environments you find your self in are extremely small. It’s not like other MMOs where it’s one big world you can (theoretically) walk from one end to the other. On Lively, you have separated themed chartrooms. You’d think Google would be more innovative with this, since this nothing newer than IRC channels, and AOL chartrooms that we have already had for nearly 20 years now.  Common areas like a singles area and high school for kids, an adult dance club that looks like a strip bar but there’s no nudity as far as I can see… as well as TV show themed places like Lost.  There are a LOT of foreign places, mostly Brazil has a big pretense here. You can also create your own room, when I tried to make mine, it crashed firefox.  Though that might be more of a issue with firefox since I’ve noticed it’s been very flaky with me lately.

To further show how bass-ackards this game is, avatar nametags are under avatar’s FEET on the FLOOR. And if you can barely control your camera angles you won’t see anyones names.  Chat text appears in bubbles, akin to but on this they are all over the place with long rubber banding lines pointing to the avatar (usually off screen) who just said that.  At least don’t have cross-crossing chaotic chat bubbles that looks like a bizarre flowchart from MAD magazine.


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