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July 23, 2008

Child Online Protection Act is a violation of the 1st Amendment!

Quoted from ABC News:

The 3rd U.S. Circurt Court of Appeals upheld on Tuesday a 2007 lower-court decision that the Child Online Protection Act violated the First Amendment since it was not the most effective way to keep children from visiting adult websites.

This is already the case in other countries, like the UK, where it’s illegal for companies to ask for personal information to be used for any reason, because it can lead to identity theft. This is why age verification in Second Life has not done a damn thing, since no one is bothering to use it.

All this means it’s that it’s completely flawed to enforce this.  Furthermore does it really matter if some punk kids gets to see porn? You can already find porn doing a Google image search. All you have to do is disable “safe search” which only takes a couple clicks to do, and it doesn’t ask you if you’re an adult, let alone verifies that.

So is all of this really “for the children” as everyone likes to spin this as, or are business (like second life) just trying to cover their legal asses if some kid is exposed to “adult” materials.  It’s not like the child is going to sue a business because they found porn, but their parents will! If parents are going to be upset over that and bother to sue web companies left and right from their kids keep finding online; why didn’t they put that energy and effort in monitoring their children’s browsing habits in the first place?

Is it really that neccesary to assume others will babysit our kids online, while risking personal privacy? Well in this day in age governments and companies would like to throw out priviacy rights anyway, all in the name of national security.

Now if we can get the Patriot Act, and the DMCA to be shown how much they violate the first amendment, and once Bush is out of office, maybe we can breath a sigh of relief and feel as if the world is acctually improving for once since 9/11/2001.


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